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    Acrobat X Pro will not start


      Installed Acrobat X Pro from CS6 DVD onto Win7 computer. All other programs run fine but Acrobat will not start. Clicking on the Desktop Shortcut or in the Start Menu, nothing happens. PDF files will not open. Had Adobe Reader on the computer when I installed CS6 and that opened PDF files instead of Acrobat X Pro. I uninstalled Reader in hopes Acrobat would start, but it doesn't. Just installed the latest updates and still nothing. Tried Repair in the Uninstall program but still doesn't start. Do I need to Uninstall Acrobat X Pro and reinstall from the DVD?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Have you checked your task bar for any "invisible" windows producing any buttons there? This strikes me as a case of the license agreement being drawn invisibly/ off screen and since you never confirm itr, Acro won't start. Perhaps resetting your graphics config might help, in case you e.g. had a 2 monito setup, but removed one of the monitors. Otehr than that this could be anything from UAC to security tools blocking stuff.... We realyl cannot know and a reinstall likely won't fix that particular issue, either.



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            SalindaJN Level 1

            I am new to these discussions and didn't see all the prior posts on this issue. Apparently a common problem with solutions posted. Thank you anyway for your reply.