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    Streaming audio will not play with Flash player 11.4.402.265


      I'm a Flash developer for 15 years.  Since update to player 11.4.402 all my stand alone flash audio players have stopped working.  I reverted to player 10.3 and everything everywhere worked perfectly again, except Safari 6 blocked the plugin (for security reasons) with no apparent way to unblock or enable it.  I upgraded to player version 11.3 and the stand alone audio still worked fine, Safari didn't block the plugin, but then video would not load without reloading the page.  I then upgraded back to 11.4.402 and came a full circle back to where all stand alone audio players do not work, but video does load and play normally.


      This appears to be related to streaming.  When I turn streaming off the stand alone players eventually will play the track but not until the entire track has been downloaded.  Of course the visitor is long gone by then.  If streaming is enabled nothing plays.


      Chrome v21.0.1180 and IE9 appear to be unaffected and perform as expected on both platforms respectively.


      My Hardware and Environment details:

      Mac os10.8 and Windows7

      FF v15.0.1 and Safari v6 (both platforms)

      iMac, Mac Book Pro, Sony Vaio laptop


      I've seen other similar posts, is anyone at Adobe working on an update to 11.4.402?  I've got broken sites with no way to fix them.  Sort of like when an update not to long ago to the Flash player just eliminated background transparency until everyone screamed so load they fixed it.  We just sit ou there with broken sites until the next update?


      Thanks for any insights.