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    Premiere CS5.5 - Project Manager fails

    lchapman66 Level 1

      (CS5.5 on Windows 7)


      I have a large project for one client that I wanted to split into two seperate projects, in two

      different directories to make archival/backup more managable.  There are two distinct

      types of videos I do for the client, and I'm splitting them by that.


      I have already created two new seperate projects, and done a "Remove Unused".

      Both new projects open without error.  


      I'm now trying to use the Project Manager to copy each project and only the files

      it uses to a new directory.   Here are the Project Manager options I'm using:


         * All sequences selected

         * Collect files and copy to new location

         * Exclude unused files

         * Project destination: new empty directory


      When I start the process I get this error:

          "An unknown error occured during the Project Manager operation.  Please save

            your project and retry the operation."


      It happens with both new projects.



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          Jim_Simon Level 9


          Use the right tool for the job, is my philosophy.  For file management, a file manager is the right tool. (Explorer, Finder)

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            lchapman66 Level 1

            When Premiere professes to have an automated tool vs. me spending time to figure out which files are used in which projects it seems reasonable to use automation doesn't it?

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              Jim_Simon Level 9



              Lots of phones these days can record video, play music, and allow you to watch TV.  That doesn't mean a phone is the right tool for shooting a wedding, listening to Mahler's 9th symphony, or watching Star Wars.


              Just because a tool can do something doesn't always mean it will do that thing right or even well, especially in these days of multifunctionality.  So when a tool steps outside it's purpose (like an NLE trying to act as a file manager) it may be best to skip that feature and just use the right tool.

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                Stephen_Spider Level 3

                The tool works for me and I like it.


                Do you have any strange naming conventions to your files, bins, or folders? Did you move or rename file folders anytime in your backing up process?

                Does project manager have access to all the files, folders and drive locations from the completed projects?


                I think that the "Remove Unused" process that you did 1st was redundant, as project manager should take care of that for you. However I doubt that would hurt a back-up.


                Good Luck.

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                  Louis Peluso Level 1

                  i have a complicated project with files from all over my hard drives. i have long used project manager to collect these files and put them in one place so i can then bring them to another machine to work on them or for archiving


                  suddenly this tool does not work. does anybody have something helpful to figure out this bug other than "use another tool"?


                  i get "an unknown error occurred during the project manager operation" and its driivng me crazy.again i am not interested in debating my choice to continue to use a tool which up until now was very helpful to me.


                  any help from others would be greatly appreciated.

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                    Louis Peluso Level 1

                    SOLVED. it had to do with "include Preview Files and "include Conform Files" which i had recently disabled. so i guess when project manager went to copy and didnt find them it caused the error.


                    for reference i found the solution here where the person asking for help wasnt invited to debate his choice of tool wihtin a program but actually got the help he was asking for. been a member since 2009 and have posted three times so its not often i come up with a solution i cant find an answer to, but since this thread was first on the google list t and provided nothing useful except to discourage somebody else from asking a "stupid" question, i am hoping my post lets a person get on their way to continuing to enjoy these amazing products.



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                      SimonHy Level 2

                      Jim Simon wrote:


                      when a tool steps outside it's purpose (like an NLE trying to act as a file manager) it may be best to skip that feature and just use the right tool.


                      Umm... what?!? Many people would consider media management as a very important thing for an NLE to be able to do. There's certainly a lot of file management, particularly when it comes to trimming clips, archiving, or prepping things to be graded in other applications, where a decent project manager is totally the best tool for the job. If I have to send a grade to be done externally, I want to send them 40gigs of trimmed clips, not a TB of rushes. And going through  clips, trimming them and re-linking them, is exactly the kind of automatic process we should be able to use a computer to do the grunt work for, not spend hours  by hand while adding in the chance of human error.


                      I'm not sure how much editing you've done in other NLEs Jim, but maybe your idea that this isn't something NLEs should do comes from the fact that it isn't an area where Premiere is particularly strong. It's something the competition do much better and  Adobe should work on.

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                        Louis Peluso Level 1

                        right. i was wondering why he replied at all. the only less-useful post would have been one for spell checking or grammar. lol. you come to an adobe support blog asking for information about a non-performing, and some would say crucial feature, only to have to defend your desire to use that tool.


                        aftereffects is a superior titling tool, but i still want my premiere titler to work lol. thankfully i found the solution on my own. really though so-called experts should either help answer the question or not participate at all.


                        every forum has one i suppose.

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                          lasvideo Level 4

                          Sometimes the answers I see folks getting here at the forum embarrass or annoy me.


                          Its seems the editors that frequent here comes from 2 worlds.


                          One is the folks that have used it for years, are primarily one man (or woman)  bands and have little to no experience with other editing systems like Avid.


                          Then there are the editors that work in professional facilities or boutiques and have experience with a variety of other NLE software. They also tend to have work flows with demands much different that those folks in the first group. Like sending projects out for sweetening, color correction or compositing.


                          This duality is just the nature of the beast, and my approach as a participant is to be as helpful as I can. But if it looks like someone is asking questions about something I know little or nothing about, I refrain from answering. To do otherwise can do nothing but show my ignorance and confuse the communication at hand.

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                            Stephen_Spider Level 3

                            Now I'm having an issue with Project manager with a CS5.03 system. Fails repeatedly. Thanks for following up and posting your fix. Will see if it helps me.