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    CS6 Crop Tool and the disappearing image?

    Tony Deller2 Level 1

      I am new to CS6. Sometimes when I use the the crop tool, the image I want to crop disappears from the screen. I am left with a blank screen/window so cannot see where to place the crop. When I click to another tool a pop up window asks me if I want to make the crop? To which I click the 'don't crop' button and my image reappears. As soon as I click on the crop tool again, the image again disappears.


      Why? What am I doing wrong? It does not happen every time.

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          Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

          Hi tony.deller,

          I've tried to replicate what I think may be happening to you. When I first select the crop tool, here is what I see:



          Notice the "L" shapes at each corner. Those are the handles you use to drag into your image as you decide how to crop it. What I noticed is that they are really responsive and can move quickly. I made my photo disappear off the screen by accidentally dragging one of the corners too far.


          Here is what that looked like:



          I dragged too far up and to the left and the cropping area moved completely off the image. If I had pressed the Enter key to complete the crop, my entire photo would have been cropped away. If you find yourself in this situation, try starting over. You can escape out of a bad cropping situation by using these keyboard shortcuts (this shortcut uses the period key plus either the Command key on Mac or Control key on Windows):

          Mac: Cmd + .

          Windows: Ctrl + .


          I hope this helps,


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            Tony Deller2 Level 1

            Luanne Seymour,


            Thank you for your prompt reply. After sending my question I did some further thinking. The image I was trying to crop had been created in Photoshop by a montages of images from other files on to a blank (white) background canvas. Having arranged the images as required I flattened the layers to a single layer. I was then trying to crop the surplus white background when this problem arose. I do not normally have this when working with a file that has come direct from my camera. So I saved the image as a tiff and tried again. No luck. In desperation I closed the file, closed Photoshop and the reopened the whole lot including the saved but un-cropped file. The cropping tool then worked normally and I was able to make the crop.


            As to what I saw originally was the image appeared to totally disappear THE MOMENT I CLICKED ON THE CROP TOOL. That is before I moved the cursor to make a start on selecting the crop. The cyberspace size of my image was 12” x 15” so it would need some shrinking to disappear as it did. Using the navigator, I played around with the size and dragging the viewing position and would occasionally see a flash of colour or white on the screen but could never get it to stay there. The navigator tool was showing the image in the centre of the screen and at a normal size to be see on the screen. Yes, the cropping corner markers did appear and I could drag them to where I liked but since I could not see the image it was all a bit academic.


            I still do not understand what is happening but, pain though it might be, I now know how to get round the problem.


            I never had any of these problems with CS3!


            If I make a scan, I now have to save the file separately before I can get it into Photoshop whereas with CS3 via the Twain I could do the whole thing from Photoshop.


            It would seem that for every improvement with CS6 there is a downside compared to CS3.


            If you have any other comments on what I might do to avoid this problem I should be pleased to hear from you.


            Many thanks, Tony Deller.

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              Level 7

              That sounds like you've got a video card driver problem (like many similar posts in the Photoshop general forum).


              Try updating your video card driver from the GPU maker's website.

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                Tony Deller2 Level 1



                Thanks for joining in. I note your comment but my computer is only a couple of months old, is an HP and has a 64 bit Graphics etc. so I would be surprised if it needed updating already. In any case I am not sure how I would set about doing this. I thought the HP software did this automatically.


                However, how does this explain that when I open a file (tif) or from the RAW screen, the crop tool works normally. But when I open a new blank file, add pictures to it by copying, flatten the screen down to a single layer, the crop tool does what I have described. If I then save the un-cropped file as a (tif), shut down Photoshop, reopen and reopen the saved file, the crop tool works normally. How can this be related to the video card driver??


                I find your solution difficult to accept.


                Is there anyone from Adobe in on this conversation who can help??


                Regards, Tony Deller

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                  PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi, Tony, you are lucky to have no less than two adobe employees, as the "Staff" behind their name describes it, to take care of your problem.

                  Chris happens to be one of the software engineers that actually write Photoshop!

                  Chris reads a lot of issues that customers sends, so I would tempt to believe him.

                  You may let us know the version of your driver, and many other details useful for troubleshooting by going to the "help>system info..." menu in Photoshop, and posting its contents.

                  We might then see the version of your graphic driver.

                  Sometimes, just updating it from the version published the next month might be sufficient to fix such issues.

                  You can go to http://www8.hp.com/us/en/support-drivers.html and search if a new version has been published.

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                    PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                    Also, Tony, please edit your username to something else than an email to avoid getting spam!

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                      Tony Deller2 Level 1

                      Sorry to be trouble but this is the first time I have been in what might be called a chat box. When I logged on/registered I was asked to give a screen name, is this what you mean by a user name? I tried typing in my name either as just Tony or in full as Tony Deller but ‘it’ refused them. It was only when I put in my E Mail address that I could go on.


                      I am 70 years old and struggle to keep up with all this technology. You suggest I change my user name. Well how do I do that?


                      Also thanks for your advice on checking whether my video driver is up to date though I am still not convinced that is the problem but I will give it a try.


                      Regards, Tony Deller.

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                        PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                        No problem, Tony, we've all been beginners at one point.

                        Click on your name on the top right, in the actions box, select Edit Adobe profile. select the "Personal Info" tab, and edit the Screen name, as you did rightfully describe in your post. It might be possible that another user already used "Tony Deller", so you might want to try to change it somehow, by adding an underscore, or anything that you will remember.

                        Hope this helps!


                        About the graphic drivers, it might be a good idea, indeed, and do post your system info, it might help highlight a possible problem!

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                          I've had the same problems as Tony Deller. I  have an image on-screen and the second I click on the crop tool the entire image disappears. If I then select another took the image reappears. This happens with all of my files. This is using PS CS6 on a brand new Dell 8500 running Win7. I downloaded PS with my Creative Cloud subscription. It installed both the "regular" (?) CS PS 6 Extended version along with the 64-bit version. I was in the 64-bit version. I decided to open a file in the "regular" (I assume 32-bit) version and didn't have any problem. But aren't I losing some advantages to 64-bit by using the 32?

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                            Tony Deller2 Level 1



                            Glad I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Taking the advice and after some time spent go here and going there, despite my computer being only a few months old, the driver for my graphic/video card was not the latest. I have now updated that driver but not yet had the time to put it to the test. So watch this space.



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                              Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

                              Please let us know if that worked for you Tony.

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                                Tony Deller2 Level 1



                                Prompted by your E mail I have now done a quick test trying to replicate what I did previously. That is copying images onto a blank background to create an new file as a montage. I have only tried it the once and did not bother to flatten the image before applying the crop tool and, much to my surprise, the crop tool worked as it should.


                                So updating the video driver does appear to have worked.


                                Tony Deller

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                                  Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

                                  Glad to hear it Tony. Happy cropping!

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                                    I need some help with this too.  I have checked my video card ADM Radeon HD 7700 and it is up to date. I am using brand new Dell XPS 8500, Windows 7, 64-bit operating system.  When I have multiple files open when ever I try to use the crop tool the image I am trying to crop disappears.  If I just have one image open it seems to work fine.  Very frustrating.  Help, please.

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                                      Sherrydog Level 1

                                      I have to take that back, it still does not work on a single image.  It disappears. 

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                                        claire s

                                        Sherrydog, I also have an almost new Dell XPS 8500, Win 7, 64-bit OS. I had the exact same problem. I thought it would have come with the latest driver, but no such luck. After not finding a newer video card driver that helped, I finally called Dell and the rep was VERY helpful. There was a driver that wasn't even listed on their website that I needed, he did some digging and found the URL for me, and BINGO! My crop tool doesn't make images disappear anymore. The rep said he was going to tell "someone" at Dell they needed to have that driver on their website and to please fix. That was a few months ago so I hope it's available through Dell's website. Hope that helps!

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                                          Glad to know I'm not alone. This has happened a few times to me and it's frustrating. I'm not new to PS, or computers. I'm a designer and it's the first time I've seen this in any version of PS going back prior to The Creative Suites!  The Windows (W7-64Bit OS) HP machine I'm using is new, I know it's not a card issue, I could go for the driver explanation, except that I just updated my creative cloud apps a few days ago, and I've been using PS all morning and suddenly my image disappears when I click the crop tool. The last time it happened, I closed the program and restarted, but when you're in the middle of a project with several tabs open . . . well, it's a pain in the @$$. Equally frustrating is the time you have to take to search for an actual answer!


                                          Claire, I'm glad that this worked for you but I'm inclined to believe that theres an error in the software and a fresh restart of the app and your computer, likely resolved the issue for now.  I'm simply here to ask that Adobe take a deeper look into this, and perhaps get more info before responding to people by telling them they have a video card problem. We're paying an awful lot for this software as it is, I would like to think that they would not expect people to run out and buy a new video card based on advice from a forum. There ARE people who would follow this advice and do just that. So, anyone reading this  . . please be sure that you have a professional tech look into this before you spend money on unecessary hardware!


                                          Thanks and good luck to you all!

                                          Christi G

                                          Adobe User & EXTREME SuperFan!

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                                            lvory Rose

                                            I have the same problem as the person who initiated this post (Tony).... It's 2013 now and when I downloaded Creative Cloud today and went to crop something, it simply disappears. It's maddening... Has anyone found anything new on this problem. My computer is new too...

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                                              I have begun having this problem as well!
                                              I have CS4, and I have used it since it came out. I have cropped so many times through out the years, and now i suddenly cannot do it any more.
                                              Presently it is photos straight from the camera (like all the other times).
                                              The only thing I can see it that it must been an update from Adobe that has buggered it up.
                                              This is really anoying and a feature I miss!

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                                                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional



                                                Yours might be a different problem/solution since the crop tool in cs4 is different from cs6/cc.


                                                If with the Crop Tool selected, you press the Clear button in the tool options bar, does that resolve the issue?




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                                                  hmd2009 Level 1


                                                  I pulled the crop frame over my photo but then the Clear button disappears.

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                                                    Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                                                    You would press the Clear button before drawing out the crop.


                                                    You might also just reset the Crop Tool by right clicking on the Big crop tool icon in the tool options bar and then clicking on Reset Tool.





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                                                      hmd2009 Level 1

                                                      It seems to work now. Thank you.

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                                                        I too have this problem frequently. I usually have it when I have many images opened at once. Unfortunately, I end up having to close them all and restart with smaller amounts. VERY ANNOYING. I may open 25-50 photos at once to edit out of 1000 in a take. This is a pain.