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    Where are the answers?

    Tape99 Level 1

      Installed, reinstalled EM for CS6. Updated as well.  Downloaded free extensions; 1 of 3 works.  Downloaded paid for extension--worked until it just disappeared-now I just get a blank panel.  Can't redownload since exchange says it is already downloaded.  Problem has been going on for some time, yet I get no answers on how to solve the problem.  What's the deal, Adobe?

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          Do you download and install extension from Adobe Exchange Panel? Which product are you using? Have you applied any update for this product? There is an issue that if a product updates its minor version number (for example, from 16.0.0 to 16.1.0), the panel will not be populated correctly. Exchange team is working on resolving this problem.

          Could you please explain how two free extensions don't work? The installation fails? or they don't show in product? or they show but have no response? Please tell me the extension name. Thanks.

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            Tape99 Level 1

            I first downloaded and installed a free paper texture extension from Russell Brown, using the Adobe Exchange panel.  All indications told me it was there to be used, but it did not appear in panels. I contacted Adobe Exchange and while waiting for answer as to why it did not work, I downloaded other free Russell Brown extensions:  Adobe Emailer & Painting Assist.  I then installed Skin Softening by Stephan Baril.  Although all these extension showed as being installed in "My Stuff" and in the Extension Manager window, none were available for my use.  I then hear from you guys and was directed to a download for my original textures that allowed me to add it manually to Apps>Plugins>Panels, which I did and it is fully working.  After further responses from Adobe, it was suggested I try another extension install, which I did: Edge FX lite by Sebastian Piconnier.  This worked. I then purchased the full Edge FX extension, installed and found it too worked.  I kept seeing all those failed extension installed in the My Stuff panel and I inquired as to how to remove them.  There was a communication problem in that I was referring to the Adobe Exchange Panel but my terminology was referring to the extension manager window.  Finally I heard that removing those extensions that were downloaded, whether they were installed or not, could not be removed from My Stuff.  About this time, the purchased extension Edge FX, just stopped working.  The panel for the extension opened, but it was blank.  I believe this occurred right after I did an update for the Exchange/Extension panel.  After a system cleaning via CCClean and a reboot, the Edge FX extension appeared and all was fine.  Then it stopped again, with a blank window.  I tried to reinstall, but was told I had already downloaded it and there I sat for many days.  I then simply removed all, except Edge FX lite, via extension manager window.  I responded to answers from Sushmar with screen shots that should have cleared any misunderstanding of my terminology.  I then uninstalled extension manager with AppZapper, mainly because I stopped hearing from you respond to my questions and concerns.  Upon hearing from you, Carl, I again installed extension manager, attempted to reinstall Edge Fx, was told to update extension manager, which I did, and then the Edge FX extension downloaded and installed and is working -YAY!  I haven't tried to reinstall the Russell Brown Emailer or Painting Assist. or the Skin Softening extension I tried much earlier--I am afraid of messing up what is now working.  Thank you for responding to my concerns & questions.