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    Camera Raw 7.2 Release Candidate Update Failed on OSX

    Scott Sobel Level 1



      I'm attempting to update Lightroom 4.1 to use the release candidate for Camera Raw 7.2. I'm on Mac OS X 10.6.8.


      When I attempt to perform the update, it tells me I need the Adobe Application Manager. The full text is:


      Adobe Application Manager is needed to resolve this problem, however it is missing or damaged. Download a new copy of Adobe Application Manager or install this product again.


      I tried installing the application manager. Note that the application manager does not know about lightroom! After I had installed the application manager and brought it up, lightroom is not on the list of its applications.


      Anyway, after installing application manager and trying again to install the camera raw release candidate, I get the simple message "Update Failed." The full text is:


      Update Failed


      Updates could not be applied


      This patch is not available for you. Please check for updates from the Help manu in your product to see a list of latest updates available.


      If this problem persists contact customer support for further assistence.


      How can I install this patch specifically on Lightroom 4.1? What is it trying to update instead? Perhaps it is trying to update lightroom 3.6. Must I uninstall the older version first?


      This is very upsetting because I can't see my raw images from my new Panasonic Lumix FZ200. I just paid to upgrade from Lightroom 3.6 to Lightroom 4.1 specifically to get this update so that I could use lightroom with my new camera's photos.


      Thanks for any help you can provide,