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    Upgrade from CS5.5 to CS6 MC: Can't upgrade FB 4.5 to 4.6

    BaCbDc Community Member

      I have the same window like this: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4399621


      FB 4.6 installation is disabled.


      I canceled installation and tried the tip there to install in trial mode and activate later.

      But I got the same window: FB 4.6 installation was disabled also in trial mode installation.

      The tip to rename files is to dangerous for me. I don't know if it has bad consequences.

      So I canceled installation a second time and started it a third time with activation at

      the beginning of installation process. Installation process is in work.

      So I have to solve the problem after upgrade to CS6.


      What have I to do to delete FB 4.5 and install FB 4.6 after installation of upgrade to CS6?

      Has Adobe an extra installation tool to bugfix this problem?


      Update: My third upgrade installation from CS5.5 MC to CS6 MC is completed now.


      But in my menu there are now to directorys. One for CS5.5 and one for CS6.

      I thought after the upgrade I would only have CS6 programs.

      Can I now deinstall Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection

      in Windows 7 deinstall system control?

      Then my Flash Builder 4.5 would be away.

      But if my FB 4.5 is away and I start Upgrade to CS6 again,

      would it then possible to install FB 4.6?

      Or isn't it possible to use the upgrade program to CS6 MC after

      deleting CS5.5 MC?


      In short words:


      After upgrade from CS5.5 to CS6 MC, I have still the old CS5.5 programs

      and also the new CS6 programs. But I only want to have the CS6 programs.

      But also I want to have FB 4.6. But it's better to have old 4.5 version of CS5.5

      instead of no version.


      Or is it possible to deinstall CS5.5 MC and deinstall CS6 MC

      and make a new install of CS6 MC and it will install FB 4.6

      because there is no FB 4.5 anymore?


      Or can't I install CS6 after deleting CS5.5 from my Computer

      because I only bought an upgrade from 5.5 to 6?

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          Mylenium MVP

          Don't overthink and overcomplicate matters. None has to do with the other. Separate versions always install to separate folders. It has been so since forever. Upgrades will ask for a secondary serial number as verification when installed without a previous version present. Your FB issues are a completely different matter and may relate to having had the FB Beta on your system. Check the FB forum for specific instructions.



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            BaCbDc Community Member

            I deinstalled CS5.5, run a windows cleaner program and restarted Windows 7.

            And started the CS6 installer again. Now only FB 4.6 and Acrobat Reader Prof

            were checked automatically to install. I done it.

            Now I have what I wanted. Only CS6 Programs including

            the new Flash Builder Version 4.6