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    Verity's k2server.exe crashing server

      Implementation is CFMX7 on a single Verity collection. Collection holds 308 "documents" (2.5MB total size) ... not unusually large.

      Collection is purged and re-updated each morning at 1:00am -- no errors and have confirmed by running script manually and reviewing debug info. By 9-10am, the CPU usage on the k2server.exe service is 99% and server slows to a crawl. Killing the service and re-starting it will clear up the problem for awhile (a few hours).

      I don't see anything online about this issue. Has anyone else experienced this?

      Thank you.

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          I am not sure with CF7, but CF6 you must turn off the K2 Services before you update any collections. This could be part of your problem if the K2 Service is still running when collections are updated.

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            ksmith Level 1
            You could start by updating your CFMX7 verity to the latest service pack and patch level available from adobe - here. It is advertised as a security fix, but is SP2 of Verity v5.5 with patches. Follow the article to install. Basically backup your verity dir and then unzip the file over your original folder. Perhaps this will resolve the issue.

            If not, give us some info on what the collection really is - filetypes and versions. Or see if it is a specific file that is causing the issue. Divide the documents into 2 folders. Create collections against each. Does the problem only occur on 1 folder. If so, the offending file is there. Keep splitting the folder until you find the problem.