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    A New Worlds Record

    canalrun Level 1


      I've hit a new world record – Eight Windows Security Shields blinking on my taskbar asking to update Flash.


      Flash XIII.jpg


      This is my fourth thread concerning this problem. You can view the other threads here:






      Basically, I had to revert to Flash version 10.3 because version 11 breaks Dragon Naturally Speaking – this is a well-documented problem. I've turned off all the "do not ask for upgrade" options in Flash, but that makes no difference. Several times I have used the Adobe utility to do a clean uninstall. I'm constantly being bothered to upgrade Flash. Sometimes Windows "User Account Control" opens, interrupting whatever I'm doing, and forcing me to respond before I can continue.


      The solution to this problem should be absolutely trivial, but I'm afraid the solution will be to just get rid of Flash. There must be some mechanism that Flash uses or other applications use to request Flash to check for updates. Delete this mechanism – problem solved. Problem is, I don't know what that mechanism is.


      I have been asking about this problem for months, since June or July. It should not be this complicated.