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    Premiere Pro has encountered an error

    G_W Level 1

      Ever since the last update (latest) I consistantly get this error. There is no way back from it, have to quit PP.




      Ive tried converting all audio to 48Hz WAV files. No luck and that shouldnt be nessesary anyway.


      Running an 8 core MacPro on Lion (latest builds of everything).


      Anyone else having this problem or know what this error means?


      Thanks for your time.

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          I too am having the exact same issue, anyone know anything about this??? Please its ruing my life haha.

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            has any one heard any reasons why the error is occuring?

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              I had the same error (Adobe Premiere Pro, CS6, Mac Mountain Lion).  My research concluded that it was a 'permissions' problem.  I found this thread with the solution that fixed my problem.


              Hopefully it works for you too. 


              Note that I had some trepeditation about using the terminal command since I know very little about Macs or what was actually being 'fixed' with the recommended command.  I backed up everything before I started.  It's been 3 days now and no unanticipated problems seemed to have accompanied the fix.

              Good luck.

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                Jim Curtis Level 3

                Seems pretty obvious it's something to do with audio. 


                Try deleting the preferences for Pr and for your OS Audio Devices.

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                  Just got off customer support and this is what worked for me:


                  Make sure Adobe Premiere is closed.


                  1. In Finder go to:

                  Users/...(your userame).../Library/Preferences/Adobe/Premiere Pro/


                  2. Rename the folder called "6.0" to "old6.0".


                  3. Restart Premiere.


                  And the exact same error (AudioPrefetch.cpp-99) was gone!

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                    DMH79 Level 2

                    Had the same error tonight. Ugh. I already have to hit continue 96 times on this error (ticktime.cpp-207) just to open the project! That error hits every single one of my projects and I once had to hit continue 396 times to open a project (yes, I counted). This one with audioprefetch.cpp-99 is new as of tonight and hit right after I added a series of cross dissolves to the audio of combined clips. I found that collapsing the audio track helped. I also read somewhere that turning off waveforms in the audio tracks will help, but at the end of the day its REALLY annoying. So I tried switching "6.0" to "old6.0" as described in the above post and I still had the same error. The error causes the waveforms in most clips to disappear. I had to hit continue on this error 41 times. Now that's not the 96 that I have to hit on the other error EVERY TIME I open my project but the error was still there. So I went back and deleted a few of the cross dissolves and then the error went away. At least so far...


                    It's been only 5 minutes now since the error appeared, when I decided to come back to this thread so I'm not sure if it will stay away but this is my experience so I thought I'd share. I have almost zero faith in Adobe on fixing either of these 2 errors, but that's only because I sometimes feel like there's so much they're working on and trying to fix that errors like this that hit a few people don't really matter. I've no proof, just a building sentiment. Great, error-rich program Premiere CS6 is. (that sounded like yoda)


                    BTW, I'm on a 2011 27" iMac with AMD 6970M and 16gb RAM, OSX 10.6.8 Premiere CS 6.0.2 in case that matters.

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                      redgeckoTOTO Level 1

                      Now I had the same error again (audioprefetch.cpp-99) on a different project and this solution didn't work