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    How to use Rosewood Std and Rosewood Std Fill with CSS

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      I'm trying to figure out how to get Rosewood and Rosewood Fill typeface to work correctly in a web page.


      I'm a Typekit subscriber they didn't have any advice to give me other than to tweak it in CSS, so I did. But, I now notice that the Fill typeface doesn't fill Rosewood 100% as it should. i don't don't own Rosewood Fill so I can't play with it in Illustrator.


      Below is a .PNG file showing what I have now along with the CSS. The HTML is simple, the text is in two <p>'s. You can see how Fill is a couple of pixels off. I've tried 'font-weight: bold;' and '700' to get the browser to beef up the font but it didn't work.




      para-top {

          position: relative;

          z-index: 2;

          top: 128px;

          left: 50px;

          font: 6rem/1 "rosewood-std",sans-serif;

          color: #000;



      .para-bottom {

          position: relative;

          z-index: 1;

          bottom: 67px;

          left: 50px;

          font: 6rem/1 "rosewood-std-fill",sans-serif;

          font-weight: bold;

          color: red;




      Eric Miner