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    Controlling Captivate 6 variables from within an embedded Flash animation


      Hi everyone,

      I'm creating a Captivate 6 project that, on a particular slide, contains an embedded flash animation with buttons and controls (that cannot be recreated in Captivate). I want these buttons and controls to have control over the Captivate project and not just the flash animation, but after hours of trial and error and searching these forums, I have not been able to achieve this.


      This post (link) seemed to be on the right track, but none of the solutions worked for me, perhaps because I'm using C6, but most likely because of user error. Keep in mind I'm quite a novice at this, especially at ActionScript!


      So if someone could please post some ActionScript code (preferably in full) that I could apply to a top-level Flash button to tell Captivate 6 to go to the next slide upon clicking, that'd be greatly appreciated.


      Most recently, I tried:

      on (release) {
      _root.rdcmndNextSlide = 1;    }


      (As a side question, what Actionscript version must I use to work with C6?)

      Thanks in advance!