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    New to Premiere Pro - Demo at home, Full version at work. Overlap?




      This is my first use of this forum so I will start by saying hello! I will most likely be here a few times picking the collective genius of everone - I've started in my new job as videographer for a major car manufacturer

      and have gone from using Final Cut Pro X on my home system to Premiere Pro CS6 and all the other CS6 programmes. I've downloaded the demo/ trial version of CS6 onto my home mac

      to accquaint myself with the interface etc so I can begin using my employers full programme at a respectable pace.


      I was wondering this, if I may ask - I've an MP4 video I'm trying to convert to WMV and cannot locate the 'Windows Media' setting in the preset/ output type when I try and export from within Premiere Pro OR Media Encoder.

      Is this codec/ output option not available as I'm using a trial version? I'm hoping so as it would explain my confusion...


      Thanks for any replies, I've been looking all over and googling etc but cannot locate a concise answer to my quandry. I wish to maintain optimum quality for the conversion so I'm not keen on using random conversion programmes that come up in searches online.


      For what it's worth, I'm using Mac Pro/ OSX Lion on my home computer. Windows 7 at work.