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    Muted red audio track?




      I was working on this project last night and audio was working perfectly. Today I've re-opened the project and found out that all audio sub-clips are red and no audio is played for those sub-clips:



      I've tried right-clicking everywhere but I'm unable to find a way to get audio back on those clips.


      Also, if I add a new video-audio clip to the sequence, the audio is there, is only the ones I had already added those that won't play. It wouldn't be a problem if I didn't had like 40 of those small clips


      I'm a Premiere Pro noobie, so I'm not sure what I did wrong and how to fix it.


      Please help

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          alraz.exe Level 1

          Just to make it clear...


          I only want to know what the reded out audio clips mean, how in the world i did that and how to fix it.


          thanks in advance.

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            DLD Design Level 1

            I have the same issues, audio worked yesterday when I went home, now some audio tracks are red.

            I have deleted all Preview files, and re-renderd everything but the audio is still red.


            Only some of the audio is red, most audio on the video tracks still work.


            Track is red and no sound, this is a wave file but it also drops out on video files:



            The Audio track is still good, and still in the project:



            If I have to replace the audio everytime I open a project this will take hours of work.


            Any help????



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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              That means the audio conform files link is broken. Where are your media cache files stored and is this Mac or PC?




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                DLD Design Level 1

                I am on a PC, the files are still good, and the second photo shows the track in the project is still there and plays.

                It is just the audio on the sequence is gone, even the name is the same.


                Anyway to relink red tracks without replacing it?

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  The Conform files are the audio files you see in the timeline. Those are the files that are broken. Go to your Media cache directory and select all. Delete all the files in there. Open Premiere and let it rebuild the media cache audio conform files. See if that fixes it.



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                    DLD Design Level 1

                    Yeah Eric, that was my first try, and rebuilding it did not work.


                    No filters or effects are on the audio files, I can replace the audio, but if I have to do this everytime I open a project  . . .


                    I am on episode eight of 18 right now, I am scared to go back and open 1-7 in fear that the audio will not be linked.


                    I need to be done with up to episode ten tonight, but at this point I don't see how I can move forward with this issue.


                    Nothing like a software issue under pressure . . . 

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                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                      Create a new Media Cache folder on a different drive. Repeat the process to Delete the Media Cache by going to the current folder and manually dealing them. Go into AE or AME and change the current Media Cache folder to the new location. Then close AME or AE and Open your Project. Also when you change the Database folder and it asks you if you want to move or delete select delete btw.



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                        DLD Design Level 1

                        Done, it re-indexed everything and still have the red audio tracks.


                        I don't understand why it works in the bin but not in the sequence, the property's of both files are identical.


                        Also it has been working fine for the last seven episodes. 


                        Maybe we will just have to cut this season short . . .


                        Any more thoughts?

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                          DLD Design Level 1

                          Also if you right click on a red track and "Reveal in Project" it still links to the working file in the bin.


                          Funky Bug,

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                            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                            Essentially the Audio file that is reading when on the timeline is the conformed file. That is how the audio and video is synced together. Once that link is broken to the conform file then you wont see a audio file available in the track even though the project file references the audio file in the Bin. Create a new Project on another drive. Import the project into the new project but select selected sequences only and only import 1 sequence. See if it will relink to the media in the new project. Make sure once again that you delete the media cache files before you import the project sequence into a new Project.



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                              DLD Design Level 1

                              Looking at all the red audio tracks, they are all "un-linked" to video, ether wave/mp3 or from a multi-camera sequence were the audio track was un-linked and put in to all of the audio tracks.


                              Thanks for your help and thougths, but I am still having issues, I need to just keep working, deadlines and all, hope it will still works tomorrow.

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                                alraz.exe Level 1

                                Well, thank you both for posting and helping.


                                I've decided to report this as a bug since it doesn't seem to be a stupid newbie mistake from my part, but rather something the program did on itself; and also, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix it.


                                Again, thanks for the help.

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                                  Still having the same issues? Just today I had the same exact problem.


                                  Audio is red and now won't play on the timeline, but will play in the project folder in the viewer.


                                  Audio file is a wav file, not an audio file from a video clip.


                                  Was working 100% fine earlier today.

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                                    alraz.exe Level 1

                                    Yes, still same issue


                                    No reply from adobe

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                                      DLD Design Level 1

                                      I converted a wave file to a mp3 and it seems to work, but I still have to replace a few audio tracks everytime I open a project.


                                      Are any of you on SSD drives?

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                                        alraz.exe Level 1

                                        My system is on an SSD (Revodrive X2), but the project (and all the files it uses) is on a local HDD.


                                        edit: Premiere is on the SSD, by the way

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                                          vdruts Level 1

                                          Haven't this exact problem. Very very strange, have tried all the above steps to no avail.


                                          It seems if I open one project A and copy / paste into project B, all works until I save/ close/ reopen. Then all of the audio files are red and don't play. On initial paste it looks/plays fine.


                                          Driving me nuts..


                                          On another project my transitions and fades are gone, and if I copy a timeline clip with transitions into that project it doesn't copy with the transitions.. AHH!

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                                            alraz.exe Level 1

                                            I guess we all should submit this a bug to adobe using their form:



                                            Hoping (in vain...) that they fix this for the next release.

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                                              that happens to me too but i solve thise problem

                                              i notic that this pug caused by the latest update of premiere

                                              to solve this problem

                                              keep your projects as it is & dont try to alter it

                                              remove premiere from your system or remove your system & set up new one

                                              instal permiere cs6.0 (which you downloaded  the original one with no updates )

                                              refuse to update your program if you asked to

                                              open your projects & it will open intact with no problems

                                              i hope this be helpful

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                                                I've got the red audio w/ no sound issue too!  Everything was working fine, til I reloaded the project (mere minutes after I closed it.). I am using Adobe Premiere CS6.0.2 on a PC (Dell XPS8300: i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4GHz) running Windows 7.


                                                (First let me state, while I have been using Premiere Pro & Premiere Elements for 5+ years, I am definitely NO expert. Also, I started this post in despiration, but have concluded with my workaround that works.)


                                                If I recall correctly, here's what I did:

                                                • Several months ago, I created Version 1 of the prproj in CS3. It contained only one .MOV file (filmed on my camera).
                                                • I made several audio volume adjustments & splices throughout the file, saved it, but decided to not work on it until I bought CS6.
                                                • In between that time, I renamed the MOV file.
                                                • Fast forward to today, when I started to edit it in CS6. Obviously, I had to locate the renamed file. No problem, until...
                                                • I realized the project settings were not optimal for the source file.
                                                • I used a different project that had better settings and imported the MOV file and saved it as Version 2.
                                                • But I did not want to lose the volume adjustments I made on the Version 1.
                                                • I opened Version 1, unlinked the audio, copied all the audio segments, pasted it into Version 2, linked it with the video track and deleted the previous audio track already in Version 2.
                                                • All seemed well as I continued to edit the project making several volume adjustment & new razor edits for several hours.
                                                • I saved Version 2. Closed it to check on a different project.
                                                • When I reopened Version 2, the Audio Track was in red and contained no information.
                                                • It seems to still be wanting the audio to be the old filename from Version 1, or something!


                                                I have attempted to change the MOV filename name back to the original filename, but that did not help. Still in red.


                                                I have saved several versions and played around with it, but could never get the audio to link back up.


                                                Here's my workaround (I don't know if this will help anyone else, but unless someone has a better idea besides uninstalling/reinstalling/not-updating, which I suspect would not have fixed this issue):


                                                I added the original MOV file into the project, sandwiching the edited version then copy & pasted the attributes for each edited segment. That took much less time than typing this all up. .  But since I had already started this post, I figured I'd post my "fix."


                                                Hope it might help someone, but I still would love to know how to get the audio file to point to the right thing again!

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                                                  I have just come across the same problem. I've put together a short video demonstration of the problem in hopes that someone who knows what to look for might be able to discern what is going on when this happens.


                                                  *edit: The narration gets cut off at the end of the video, but all I go on to say is that the problem is only with audio, never video, even when the audio is natively linked to video.




                                                  File type does not seem to play any role. Wav, Mov, and MP3 behave the same. Audio that is attached to video and standalone audio behave the same.


                                                  I have copy/pasted sequences and footage without issue many times in the recent past. The problem is new.


                                                  The only change to my system that could possibly have an effect is my recent upgrade from the trial version of CS6 to a licensed, rental version under the Creative Cloud. But because I had already installed Premiere Pro for the trial, there was no need to reinstall the program. I believe one update was downloaded sometime in the last week, as well.


                                                  I have tried deleting all files in the Media Cache folder and all files in the Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files folder in hopes that Premiere Pro would 'rebuild' the conformed audio files once I reopened the projects, but this has not seemed to have any effect.

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                                                    Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                                    Try putting the playhead over the problem clip and then perform a Match Frame operation.  I don't know if it will fix this particular issue, but it has fixed other copy/paste audio problems.



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                                                      DLD Design Level 1

                                                      Thanks for that video JakeBowen, that is perfect.


                                                      I have given up on any fix, I have to rebuild the opening sequence for each show, copy and paste will not work with sound.

                                                      • 24. Re: Muted red audio track?
                                                        alraz.exe Level 1



                                                        Thanks who everybody who has contributed.

                                                        I'm affraid our only choice now is to report this to Adobe as a bug, hoping that no body else has to suffer the same fait anymore

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                                                          JakeBowen Level 1

                                                          I tried Match Frame. Before performing Match Frame, the audio displays as unlinked in the Source window (next to Effects Controls). After the operation, it reloads the footage with the waveform and all in the Source window, but remains unlinked in the timeline. So, still no dice.


                                                          ECBowen sounded like he was on to something with getting Premiere to rebuild the conform files, but because it's such a background process I'm finding it difficult to be certain I've properly cleared everything. Is there a way to set a new Media Cache folder as you would the scratch disk folder?


                                                          Thanks for the responses, everyone.

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                                                            ElJayBronx Level 2

                                                            had the same issue myself today, spent 1 hour on the phone with TS agent.


                                                            It seems that the problem involves copied/pasted elements from one project to another (copied the data in the sequence, switched projects, copied said data into sequence in the newer project). All was well until after a save, then the file was salmon-red and the audio file in the Source Panel looked like a nice clay tennis court.


                                                            TS suggested and it seemed to work, to import the sequence from the other project rather than copy/paste the files. I did this with the same footage then saved/closed several times with no additional problems.


                                                            The original problem sequence, however, was toast.


                                                            Looks like a bug to me.



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                                                              JakeBowen Level 1

                                                              Sweet Lord in Heaven, I think that worked. ElJayBronx, you may have saved us all.


                                                              For those still struggling:


                                                              1. Open the project you wish to bring files into (the "B" project).

                                                              2. Select File>Import, then choose the Premiere Project that you wish to copy files from (the "A" project).

                                                              3. You will be promted to choose whether to import the entire project or individual sequences. I selected the individual sequence that contained the files I need. Click 'OK'.

                                                              4. As an added bonus, all the copied files are automatically placed into a bin for you. Double-click the sequence file and it should all be there.


                                                              Spread the word, everybody, and thanks again, ElJayBronx. You deserve a trophy.

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                                                                Came across this problem myself today. The import sequence solution seems to fix the issue, so thanks for the help!


                                                                This is, nevertheless, clearly a bug that Adobe should address in a future update. I wonder if they're aware enough of it.

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                                                                  alraz.exe Level 1

                                                                  Be sure to report it to adobe using this form:



                                                                  I already did, but I guess that if more people report it, it will be more likely that they fix it sooner.

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                                                                    DLD Design Level 1

                                                                    Good stuff, that import sequence works, wish I knew about this a few weeks ago.


                                                                    Thanks JakeBowen and ElJayBronx!

                                                                    • 31. Re: Muted red audio track?
                                                                      ElJayBronx Level 2

                                                                      You can actually thank Avanish from Adobe Tech Support for that one, I'm just the messenger. It did take nearly TWO HOURS to get to the solution, with so many unlikely scenarios considered during the troubleshooting, and was just a step that we tried along the way, but it clicked in and worked.


                                                                      I guess that the way Premiere populates the XMP file that underlies a project changed in the CS6 iteration of the program, and one of the changes made it lose track of the data from an edited sequence (TONS of keyframes, trims etc. in those clips!) when the copy/paste analogy is used. It's sort of like if you are making an electronic car payment from your bank to the car finance company. You could (method A) send it from your checking account, or you could (method B) go into the finance company's website, give it your checking account information and have it take the information. Imagine if one day you made a payment using method A and your bank shows having sent the payment but the finance company never gets it...that, like this, would be a bug and would need fixing! Of course in that case the $$$ went somewhere so the parties could trace it; in this case the payload stays in both places so it's harder to see where the trouble is.


                                                                      Anyway, I'm glad it got worked around and I believe that affected clips in many if not most cases can be replaced with the good material by using "replace with clip|from bin", one of the more time-saving features of PPro.

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                                                                        Abhishek Kapoor Adobe Employee

                                                                        Please try following steps if copy paste workflow is used :


                                                                        right click on muted audio track on timeline

                                                                        choose Audio channels

                                                                        under Source Channels assign left and right channels and click ok

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                                                                          alraz.exe Level 1

                                                                          Hello, Abhishek


                                                                          Thanks for the reply, it fixes  the selected track, so we would have to do it for every single track. A little busy work, but helps.


                                                                          Hoping this thread is read by the Adobe development staff, here is a quick way to reproduce the issue:


                                                                          -Create a project in prelude

                                                                          -Ingest some video files in that project

                                                                          -Create a rough cut and add some short clip of the ingestedvideos

                                                                          -Save the project

                                                                          -Select everything in the project panel

                                                                          -Go to File > Send to premiere pro

                                                                          -When premiere pro launches, save the project

                                                                          -Close Premiere Pro, and re-open the saved project


                                                                          Audio tracks will al be red.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Muted red audio track?
                                                                            joema3 Level 1

                                                                            Abhishek, I encountered this problem today on CS 6.03. Your workaround helped a lot. Fortunately my project was small enough to use it. Unfortunately the problem still exists after being reported five months ago. Except for this user thread, I don't see that Adobe has even documented it in an article.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Muted red audio track?
                                                                              DJP68 Level 1

                                                                              Hi Abhishek,


                                                                              Thanks for your advice, it worked like a charm. I was able to select all & then right click etc etc and it fixed the problem globally very quickly.



                                                                              • 36. Re: Muted red audio track?
                                                                                rbilsbor Level 1

                                                                                Ran into this problem today. Media cache workaround did not help, and there are so many (4-channel) audio files that it's just not feasible to relink them all manually using the Audio Channels switch (that would be tens of thousands of mouse clicks). But... Here's what worked for me: export to Final Cut XML. Then Import that XML. The audio files are now relinked and unmuted.


                                                                                Of course I now live in fear that when I close the project and reopen it in the future, I'll run into the problem again... not exactly what you want from your NLE. But at least the XML workaround is faster. Hope it works for others...

                                                                                • 37. Re: Muted red audio track?

                                                                                  Just spent a couple of hours troubleshooting this problem. I must say it is disappointing to find out that Adobe has known about this bug for about half a year. Does not exactly install confidence in that it is meant as a professional tool.


                                                                                  Right clicking and changing the Source Audio channels fixes the problem, but is a cumbersome solution once we are talking about dozens of clips. (Edit: it is possible to change the Audio Channels on multiple clips at once.)


                                                                                  As a follow up question - is there a tool that can conform/check/correct the project xml files that Premiere generates?

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Muted red audio track?
                                                                                    alraz.exe Level 1

                                                                                    I found out that you can actually select all of your clips, right click on them and do all of that process, and that way gets them all fixed at the same time.


                                                                                    Still, I agree that this should have been fixed long ago; is not like Adobe doesn't know about it. Is not like the software is cheap either...

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Muted red audio track?
                                                                                      mwnorway Level 1

                                                                                      Coming from FCP, I really miss the "relink" function — so good to use for troubleshooting or updated/re-rendered footage.

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