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    missing sequence presets or codec

    flounder house Level 1

      I cannot open saved projects! Instead, when I open a saved Premiere Pro project I get the error message: "This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type."


      I am running Premiere CS6 on a MacBook Pro 10.7.4. I am not subscribed to creative cloud. I do not have any previous versions of Premiere installed (ie. CS5, CS5.5).


      This message seems to be a pretty common problem among CS6 users. Here is a recent thread for creative cloud users experiencing this error message: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4496308 Like others, I am unable to open old projects, but I can still start new projects. However, when creating a new project, my  sequence settings seem to be missing  presets:Pr sequence presets.jpg


      any ideas?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Deactivate, uninstall, run Clean Script several times, rebooting between runs, install, activate and update.

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            Zac Lam Adobe Employee

            Is the application still activated?  If you start a new project, then go to the Help menu, do you see a Deactivate menu item?  Or does the menu item allow to activate the application again?

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              eday_2010 Level 1

              I reinstalled Windows and installed PrePro CS6 again and it was still missing presets.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Did you run Clean Script several times?

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                  Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

                  Did you try pressing and hold the shift key while launching Premiere Pro?

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                    eday_2010 Level 1

                    Harm Millaard wrote:


                    Did you run Clean Script several times?


                    No, because it was a clean install on a clean OS. there were no remnants of anything Adobe on the install

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                      eday_2010 Level 1

                      srukweza wrote:


                      Did you try pressing and hold the shift key while launching Premiere Pro?


                      No. I'll give that a whirl.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        Do you have the physical install disks, or did you use a download version? In the latter case, I would try a new download. Maybe the download you have is corrupted.

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                          Jesse Zibble Adobe Employee

                          In the New Sequence dialog, if you go to the "Settings" tab is "Custom" an available choice at the top of the list of editing modes?  If yes, what choices are available in the "Preview File Format" popup?  I suspect that I-Frame Only MPEG is absent.

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                            eday_2010 Level 1

                            There isn't much under custom. I didn't see I-Frame Only MPEG, but what I did notice right away was the absence of all the AVCHD presets, which is what I had previously used.

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                              David_V_Clarke Level 3

                              I had this and spent ages trying to sort it out.  What solved it was going into Adobe Encore where it suddenly popped up demanding a serial number.  I hae already done this when I installed my software (in may case the master collection) and had previously used Encore.  I was getting no other information telling me there was a problem with activation etc..  However I entered my serial number again, got into Encore, and when I went back to Premiere I had all the presets.  I fiddle a lot with my computers so I just assumed I had done something which messed it up in some way.  Try opening Encore and see what happens.  Unfortunately this is no help if you are running the trial version since you won't be able to open Encore.

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                                I have an international show that needs to ship out in a couple of days.  Worked till 1.30am then arose to find this not so pleaseant surprise that Premier couldn't see / understand my RED .R3D sequence all of a sudden.  Spent the entire day on this.  I uninstalled, used cleaner & re-installed countless times.  Finally uninstalled everything via Adobe cleaner, went through and deleted other adobe folders that I found.  I downloaded & Installed a fresh stand alone version of Premier 6 & all of the normal slew of sequences settings were back.  Then I went & seperately installed AE, Photoshop & Audition from the Master Suite.  Did Not install Encore or anything else & I'm now back up & running with some new grey hair... Frustrating.  I hope this infor perhaps helps someone in the same bind... Good luck!

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                                  Fluxcrou Level 1

                                  Ugh, I had a problem importing AC3 audio that held me back from working on my already late project, and now I have this exact same problem out of the blue!


                                  I cannot access animations I have saved in a project.  I need to copy the animations into a project that is thankfully operational, but the dreaded error message appears whenI try to open it.  Several other project files I have saved will not open either.


                                  My sequence presets list is bare, exactly like the OP's screenshot.  But, I can see the full compliment of sequence presets is still at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Settings\SequencePresets.  For some reason, only DV and Mobile&Devices presets show in Premiere.


                                  I have uninstalled the CS6 suite, ran the Adobe cleaner, reinstalled and updated.  No effect, whatsoever.  The sequence presets are still in the folder, but cannot be recognized.


                                  I do not have Creative Cloud.

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                                    I too am having this soul destroying message. I am running OS 10.6.8, no creative cloud and using CS6.00. I have now had it happen twice on projects all created using ProRes 422 files and had a reasonably complicated edit. all opens and closes fine and then just randomly wont open. Thought it would go away but hasn't. Has Adobe come up with a bug fix for this as its a pretty monumentally tragic fault. I have switched over form FCP and was stoked with CS6 until this. Luckily I had virtually finished both projects and could get around it with the draft mastered ProRes file.



                                    I see no reply to Fluxcrou's last response so i wont get my hopes up.


                                    My confidence in Adobe is at a low.

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                                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                      The underlying problem here is with the activation and licensing system. Several codecs and the sequence presets that they rely on must be unlocked by the activation and licensing system. The problem is that sometimes the activation gets messed up in some way, and these codecs aren't unlocked.


                                      For most people on this thread, the issue should be fixed by a new version of the activation system that was release in late June.


                                      Try this to get your activation back into the right state:


                                      1) Fully deactivate your software (Help > Deactivate).

                                      2) Quite all Adobe applications.

                                      3) Restart your computer.

                                      4) Restart the application.

                                      5) Choose Help > Activate to re-activate the software.

                                      6) Create a new project.

                                      7) Create a new sequence.


                                      The above should restore all of your codecs and the sequence presets that depend on them, and you should be able to work normally with all of your codecs.


                                      If not, write back, and we'll see if we can figure out what's up.

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                                        I have downloaded the 6.0.1 Update for all of the CS6 applications and I stil get this problem. When opening Encore I get an error that says:


                                        Adobe Encore CS6 cannot run in a non-royalty serialized mode. The application needs to be serialized with a royalty bearing serial number.



                                        I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still get the same issue. We are government so I am not cnnected to the internet because of regulations. The deactivate option in Premiere Pro CS6 is greyed out and unavailable as well.


                                        We purchased a volume license for 2 edit stations and both have this problem. We are on Windows 7 SP1 x64.


                                        Sorry just wanted to give as much info as possible to help resolve this. I literally can't do any work until this is resolved!

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                                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          As far as I know, you must be connected to the internet for registration/activation to complete


                                          Since this is a user to user forum, not Adobe support, I think you are going to have to contact Adobe on this one... unless someone comes along with information on how to make Encore work without internet to complete registration/activation

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                                            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                            There is an offline activation option. You don't need to be connected to the Internet. There is more information about offline activation here:



                                            For issues with activation, this forum is very useful