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    Freezing on Win7 Home Premium x64 with Flash Player 11.5.500.85

    quarky422 Level 1

      I have the same browser freezing problem with both 11.4.402.278 and the 11.5 beta on two identical HP DV9700T Laptops running Windows 7 Home Premium x64.   Loading pages with flash cause the browser to hang.  If I kill the flash process the browser resumes.  Note:  When I am on a page with flash there are two flash processes in TaskManager.  I am using FireFox primarily, but the same freezing behavior is observed in IE.  So far, in IE, I have only seen one Flash ActiveX process.     Significantly older versions of of Flash work fine.


      Both systems have AVG Free edition.  The problem still occurs when I "Temporarily Disable" the realtime scanner.  Both systems have nVidia video cards.  


      When it freezes the cursor behaves normally, just the browser window is 100% unresponsive.  I can ctrl-alt-del to bring up task manager or I can use the Windows Flag (start)->Run   (yes, I have "run" manually turned on in my windows 7...I can't operate without it.)


      Both systems have HP All in One Printer drivers installed as well as:  Office 2007, Media Player Classic Home Cinema set to default for all media types, 7-Zip, Adobe Reader, CCleaner, Spybot S&D, CDBurnerXP, Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 (12), Java, .NET, Various Visual C++ Runtimes, iTunes.     Those are all the common software programs.


      Here are my system details in two different formats::




      This problem has existed with the last several versions of 11.x and it has become extremely cumbersome.  Let me know what other details you want. 

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Is this happening on all content, or just a particular URL/URLs?

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            ahallett2 Level 1

            When it comes to what's installed on my clients PC's I'm a bit of a control freak, so no to Trusteer Rapport - Just enough for them to do there job.  So when the users who I had just updated, namely Flash Player and Java on, started to complain I guessed it was one or the other causing the issue,  so after loads of faffing about as I described above, off came Java - no difference, off came Flash - bingo.  I then put Java back on and still ok.


            Although all user domain accounts are members of the local computer Administrator group, I'm guessing this is something to do with UAC, or the player not installing correctly for other users that may use the computer.  I'm just hoping that it is a security/UAC thing as numerous user accounts/profiles login on the same computers (hot desking), so Im hoping it (web browsing) works for other "standard" users and not just the user account I re-installed for!


            I'm not sure about sites with Flash content or not, but some posts above say no issues with Googles home pages which appear not to use Flash, whereas with bbc.co.uk the site can take 5 minutes to fully load.  I didn't look at the running processes in depth, but if I had I may have noticed more quickly it was something to do with Flash, although the rest of the computers functions were working fine - it was just IE, Firefox and Chrome that got hijacked.


            I recall a similar issue with an Adobe Reader update many years ago (I think it was when v9 started to surface) in that if you installed it under one user profile and then logged in as another user profile Reader did not work correctly.



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              jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

              We've seen a few reports about this, but it's not widespread.  I'm having a really hard time figuring out the common denominator.


              The thing that's really confusing is that Chrome bundles it's own version of Flash Player, and it isn't affected by our installer.


              There are a couple related threads:


              This is Firefox specific, but would be interesting to eliminate as a possibility:



              We seem to be having a similar issue with an AntiVirus product called ThreatFire:



              If you have any group security policy settings, or antivirus/malware products on the system, I'd be happy to test with them on similar configs here to see if I can reproduce the symptoms.



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                quarky422 Level 1

                Some more information:


                I left my laptop on last night.  I came home today.  I tried to bring up websites with flash content and have had zero problems with it right now.   Nothing changed on my laptop between yesterday and today.   No updates, no restart, nothing.  The system didn't even go to standby.


                I am still on the 11.5 beta which froze on me last night and is working at the moment,    My ISP is Comcast.   They have been known to interfere with network connections in the past.  I wonder if their updated connection qos management scheme might be interfering with Flash?   


                When the flash plugin first tries to load in the browser can it get hung waiting for a connection or waiting for a reply?    If the ISP was blocking something critical is it possible?

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                  teamdelia Level 1

                  I too have been having problems with my Dell XPS M1730 Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 since Shockwave Flash Object version 11.4.402.708 installed 9/19/12.  Everytime I would try to surf the internet using Internet Explorer 9, IE9 web pages that use Adobe Flash Player add-on would load at a crawl,  a page would finally load but then you'd have to wait again to scroll down in the page.  I googled to see who else was having this problem, saw few references but nothing had been identified as the problem.  Trial and error, when I changed the Adobe Flash Player add-on to not automatically load removing the * in the allowed program list I was able to surf again.  But anytime I really needed to use Adobe Flash Player the sluggish load crawl returned:-(  I have not tried to load the 11.5 beta or return to the earlier version of Shockwave Flash Object.  What interest me is my ISP is also Comcast.  Could there updated connection qos management scheme be interfering with Flash?  I'm going to reset my modem and see if that may help.  I'm also wondering about any Chrome install.  I apologize at this time I am not a PC expert so keep that in mind:-)

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                    jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                    I seriously doubt that Comcast's traffic shaping would affect you, unless you were playing a game or something that was making back-channel calls via arbitrary sockets.  The actual Flash content comes down port 80 as an HTTP request, just like standard HTML content.


                    Also, from the folks I've talked with descibing similar symptoms, rolling back doesn't seem to help.  It would be interesting to have the data, but I'm not optimistic that it will resolve the issue for you.


                    I think the more likely culprit is a misbehaving third-party application.  Do you have an antivirus/anti-malware package installed?  If so, the name and version information would be great.  I'd be happy to install it on a machine here and see if I can reproduce the problem.


                    Also, is there anything else unique about your configuration that might be a clue? 


                    Would you mind temporarily making a new Windows User account and just seeing if the problem goes away?  I haven't asked anyone to give that a shot yet.  It would help narrow things down if it does.



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                      teamdelia Level 1



                      Microsoft Security Essentials:

                           Antimalware Client Version:  4.1.522.0

                           Engine Version:  1.1.8800.0

                           Antivirus definition:  1.137.1188.0

                           Antispware definition:  1.137.1188.0

                           Network Inspection System Engine Version: 2.1.8600.0

                           Network Inspection System Definition Version:


                      Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


                      superAntiSpyware Professional:

                           Program Version 5.5.1022

                           Database Versin 9349

                           Database Status - Updated 1 day ago last checked for updates 4 hrs ago


                      I added to new user accounts.


                      I'm not sure there is anything unique about my configuration.  Months before this problem, I would continually get the prompt that the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player needed to be downloaded.  I would download it but the message never would go away.  I do get this error every time I reboot:  Error in C:\Windows\system32\nvsvc.dll Missing entry:nvsvcStart.  I did notice these errors in Device Manager:  AGEIA Phys X100 Series PCI Express Card - this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (code 12).  If you want to use this device, you will  need to disable one of the other devices on this system


                      Network Adapters - Microsoft ISATAP Adapter:  This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device Code 31.


                      I added two new user accounts, on the both the DLL error comes up.  Then it asks  to set up Internet Explorer 9 with the choices Use recommended security and compatibility settings.  SmartScreen Filter helps protect you from malicious websites and software by sending some web addresses to Microsoft to be checked.  ...  If I select this the problem occurs.  On the other new user account I did not check this and I did experience Internet Explorer pages that use Adobe Flash Player loading at a crawl.  Does this indicate SmartScreen Filter has issues or is having compatability issues with my antivirus\antispyware software?  I appreciate any suggestions.

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                        jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                        The original thread has become too long to be useful.  I'm branching out the individual issues so we can better track and discuss them.