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    Events in PSE 11


      I just installed PSE 11 and converted a PSE 9 catalog.


      In PSE 9, the Keyword Tags included not only People, but also, Places and Events.  I get that the Places is replaced with the Map in PSE 11, and I like that, but, the events I had in the PSE 9 organizer did not import to the Events Tab in PSE 11.  How can I get them?    


      I am running as there are no updates yet for this. 

      The catalog came from PSE


      My computer is runing Windows 7 64-bit , SP-1

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          Sourabh Gupta Adobe Employee

          Events from PSE 9 catalog would still be available in the Keyword Tags pane in PSE11 under the head "Events (Tags)". These would not be shown under the Events Tab. The new events created in PSE 11 would be available under the Events Tab.

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            Little_Pale_Face Most Valuable Participant



            I have been looking at converting Event tags to Events and it can be done (relatively) simply but I'm not sure yet what the advantages are. I can see a disadvantage in that you can't group or stack events. In my case I would like a group called Cruises under which there would be the events for different cruises. This can be achieved using tags but not with the new events.


            To create Events from photos tagged with an event tag:


            1. Go to the Events tab
            2. Click on Add Event (bottom of window)
            3. In the panel on the right, enter the event name - you can also change the dates if you wish.
            4. The grid on the left will show all your media, drag any one of them to the area below the event description. It doesn't matter which you drag as it can be removed later  - it is only needed to make the Done button active.
            5. Click on Done.
            6. Find the new event in the Events tab and double click on it
            7. Click on Add Media (bottom of windows)
            8. In the Add Media window, click on the small triangle next to Advanced
            9. Select Keyword Tag option and select the appropriate keyword from your event tags in the dropdown list.
            10. Click on Select All and then on Done
            11. Now select the dummy one that you added in step 4) and click on Remove (bottom of window) if you want to remove it from the event - you will need to confirm the action.


            You should now have an event.


            Suggest you test it on a small event first.


            Hope that helps,



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              Little_Pale_Face Most Valuable Participant



              Sorry, I copied in the wrong set of instructions - try these


              To create Events from photos tagged with an event tag:


              1. In Media view, select all the items with your event tag (little arrow to right of tag)
              2. Use Ctrl+A to select all the items
              3. Click on Add Event (bottom of window)
              4. In the panel on the right, enter the event name - you can also change the dates and description if you wish.
              5. Click on Done (bottom right).


              You should now have an event.


              Sorry for the confusion



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                At the moment I am really struggling with the new events in PSE11. I hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong!


                - As the OP has noted, old-style events are not imported automatically.

                - Unlike with PSE previously, when photos with tags are imported they are not automatically added to events that match a tag (or a person matching a tag either, by the way!). Instead a new keyword tag is created, the same as the person or event and they have to be manually moved across into "new-style" PSE11 events/people. This is a significant regression from the previous workflow


                Even more significantly.


                - There seems to be no way to search for an event! You can search for photos that belong to an event, but  then there is no way to edit the event or add further media to that event. Finding an existing event to add photos to it (or make other mods) once you have more than a screen full of events is REALLY HARD!


                - There seems to be no easy way to add new photos to an existing event. You can add them to a new event, but there is no option to add to an existing one. If you try using the same name of an existing event it warns you there is one already with the same name, but still does not offer to merge them. Instead it can only create a second event with the same name! If you manually find the existing event (see previous problem), you can "add media". However, there then seems to be no easy way to select just the photos you want to add:


                1. You cannot select a folder to view in "add media"
                2. The option to view "Media from Grid" SEEMS completely useless, since it only shows photos ALREADY in that event. I cannot find any way to get other photos (say a folder, or other selection) to show in the grid and THEN edit an event. I first have to open the event (thus only showing photos that are part of that event) and then choose to "add media". As a result all the photos shown in the grid are already part of that event, so adding them is pointless! ??? I don't understand! Of course i can use the "all media" view, but you can imagine it is hard to find the photos you want in that view, especially as the view doesnt even show any file names! The only workaround I have is to first tag all the photos I want to add with a special keyword or add them to an album and then use the advanced options to view that keyword/album. Not fun!!


                Surely it should be possible to view all new style events in the right-hand tag pane (as you can with keywords and people) so you can drag and drop onto photos. And it should be possible to select some photos and "Add to Existing Event" as well as "Add to New Event".


                ..or maybe I am just being really dense! I hope so

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                  andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

                  Hi Jong99,


                  Some stuff that I know about Events... 


                  1. You can search for an event in Events View by simply doing Calendar Filtering (provided you roughly remember the year or month of the same). Calendar search would lend you in a view where your event stack would be shown in grid.


                  2. If you want to search for all media of an event, you can do so by using Advanced Search, present in Find >> Advanced Search menu option. It lists all events present in your catalog, and ticking your event in the Advanced Search widget would display all media from that event


                  3. 'Add to New Event' which you are talking of, is already there in Media View bottom action bar as 'Add Event' / in Events View bottom action bar 'Add Event'




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                    Jong99 Level 1

                    Thanks andaleebfatima1 for trying to help. It is much appreciated.


                    Yes, calendar filtering is one way of helping. Still it seems crazy there is no way to filter by the actual name of an event!


                    I was aware of your second point. I believe I mentioned it. But although you can filter the PICTURES by event, the screen you then have does not allow you to edit the event, to change its description, date or add media.


                    I was also aware of your point 3. My point was though that, as well as being able to add a selection to a new event we should also be able to add to an EXISTING event, preferably by picking from a list.


                    Best regards

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                      andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

                      I second your thoughts completely..




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                        Little_Pale_Face Most Valuable Participant

                        The main thing I dislike about the new events is that there is no way of grouping the events.


                        My event tags were carried over from PSE 10 when I converted the catalog and they show up in a structured list so that I can have (say) types of events.


                        My workaround to add more images from the main media view is to assign a temporary tag to the ones I want to add. I then switch to events view, edit the required event and add the images with my temporary tag.



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                          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          That's interesting Brian. I must say I like the new Events interface, notably smart events which place everything under date shot or by year. This is more like iPhoto. I simply then add the best shots from each event into albums. That seems like a logical workflow although I appreciate others may have more complex set-ups.



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                            Jong99 Level 1

                            Yes, adding s temporary keyword and then filtering on that in add media works (if I can find the event in my long, long list, without being able to search by name!). That's probably what I'll do. Making a temporary album works too. But it is really clumsy.


                            It is astonishing that that the ability to a) filter events by name b) add a selection to an existing event are missing. I really thought I must be just being stupid!


                            And has anyone found out what the point of viewing "media from grid" when adding media to an event?! For me it is always either blank (because the photos I am trying to add from a folder are not yet in the event (doh!)) or full of all the pictures which ARE already in the event and so there are none to add!!

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                              Little_Pale_Face Most Valuable Participant

                              When I first looked at the Events view I didn't like it but as I find out more it is growing on me. I guess the natural instinct is to dislike changes. I notice that the UI in general is tending towards the lightroom look (can't talk about iPhoto)


                              I think that the workaround for grouping is to keep my tags - don't know, will have to give it more thoughts.


                              I like the smart events but not keen on the calendar searching at the moment.



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                                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                                Filtering for events can be done from the Media tab (All Media)


                                If you know the name of an event you can type it into the search box.



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                                  Little_Pale_Face Most Valuable Participant



                                  When you are in the Advanced section for Add Media, click into the keyword tag box and hit the key for the first letter of the tag you are looking for. If you keep hitting that key, it will search for the next one.


                                  The media from grid is stumping me at the moment.



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                                    Little_Pale_Face Most Valuable Participant



                                    Unless I'm missing something, the search boxes will find the event but only seems to show the photos in that event. I don't seem to be able to edit the set (add or remove images) from there.



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                                      Jong99 Level 1

                                      Yes LittlePaleFace, that is what I see too. It is possible to search for all photos belonging to a specific event, but from the Media View there is no way to edit that event. To edit or add to an event you MUST be in Event View and any search takes you back to Media View.


                                      IMHO you should be able to:


                                      - search for an event within event view eg. by just typing, which would filter for all events containing that string

                                      - Be able to add to an existing event as well as create a new event from media view

                                      - be able to add events to the right hand "Tag View", in the same way you can other keywords and people (even "new style" people). Then you could drag the event onto a photo selection in the same way we could with "old style" events in PSE10.


                                      I am not opposed to the new People/Event/Places views at all. If I was I could have carried on using my old-style people/event tags which were helpfully imported when I upgraded.  Actually I like them. But the current workflow, in some limited but significant ways, just seems broken.

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                                        Brett N Adobe Employee

                                        The Events and Places of previous versions of Photoshop Elements were merely default keyword Categories to help you get started. You could delete, rename, or change them as you wished without effecting the application at all. They bore no special powers or abilities. (People was a little bit special, as all face/people tags would automatically appear in this category, which would be recreated it deleted or renamed, although they could be moved afterward.)


                                        Now, in PSE11 we have the Events page, which basically creates a new, special type of Album that is attached to a specific date. The biggest problem with automatically converting a Keyword Category into one of the new PSE11 Events is that the category has no date information explicitly attached to it, which is a founding attribute to an Event.


                                        You can Create a new Event from the Media page just by clicking the "Add Event" button at the bottom. You will not leave the Media page, and any filters you have, such as only displaying those photos that belong to a certain keyword (i.e. your event) will still be in effect.

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                                          Jong99 Level 1

                                          Hi Brett,


                                          Thanks for your post, but most of our issues with events, as currently implemented, are not covered:

                                          • no abiity to search for an event within event view
                                          • no ability to add a selection of photos in media view to an existing event
                                          • no ability to drag an event onto a selection of photos from the tag view
                                          • no way to group events into categories


                                          And the point you do make doesn't really hold up:

                                          • As you acknowledged "People" have always been treated specially, even prior to PSE11
                                          • New style events and people still all store info into the keyword tag, it is just that PSE no longer auto imports keywords into these special tags, significantly worsening workflow.
                                          • Your point about the need to associate a date with an event is fair, but hardly insurmountable. Already PSE asks if you wish to import keywords from files; If it finds keywords which map onto people it could associate them automatically just as in previous versions with no ill effects. If it finds a keyword which maps on to an event it could ask if you wanted to associate it with the event of the same name and offer 2 optional tick boxes 1. "apply to all other events (in the current import)" 2. "automatically expand event's date range to include new photos". Easy!
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                                            Brett N Adobe Employee

                                            All very good feature requests. These are the type of ideas we like to see so we can continue to add to the application in future releases. Please post each of these (as separate posts) to http://feedback.photoshop.com so they will be put onto the radar of our engineers. Then the community can +1 them to show that they too would like to see these types of features added.

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                                              Jong99 Level 1

                                              Thanks Brett, I've done it. On the other hand this appears, from the other posts, to be a mainly professional board for the users of the big brother of PSE, so I am worried it will not get a lot of attention/votes there!

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                                                Brett N Adobe Employee

                                                People of all stripes post on the Feedback site, pros and hobbyists alike. But I have put in a couple words in with the engineers about improvements for Events that appear to be gaining traction. No promises on the future, but Events is definitely getting some attention.