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    ComboBox Bug?


      I've been experiencing a strange behavior with a the combo box components. I have 2 CB in a FLA let's call it slave.fla/slave.swf. When I test it everything works fine. Now, I want to load slave.swf inside master.fla. I'm using a MiovieClipLoader Object to do the trick. Well, when I test master.fla the comboBoxes don't work. I can see the first label on them, but if I click to expand it simply won't do it. I tried moving the CB on the first frame, erase them and recreate them, adding new CB to see if they were just those 2, but nothing, you just click and anything happens. the curious thing is that slave.swf has many other components (a tree, datagrid, numeric stepper, textinput, and buttons) and they all work fine. I really don't understand what could possibly cause this problem. Any help would be really appreciated.