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    RAW sliders


      Just installed CS6 and for the life in me I can't find the RAW sliders, I got so used to using them in previous versions I have used. Just for the ease of workflow I'd like to know if it's possible to have them show when loading a RAW file. I have updated the RAW to 7.1 but they still don't show.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Adobe Camera RAW forum.

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            Can you post a screen shot?  I can't quite picture what you are seeing.

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              carlcurtis83 Level 1

              This is my first screen before loading any images, it's fine like my previous versions of CS.



              This is my second screen, I have loaded the image I want to re-edit but it doesn't load in the RAW sliders screen like it used to in CS3




              When I usually load into CS3, the image itself loads into a different pop-up screen which has sliders on the right hand side which you can use to adjust the likes of exposure, recovery, fill light, blacks, brightness and so on.


              These sliders tend to play a big part in my work flow, and I would like to have them in CS6. If not then I will probably revert back to CS3.


              This is a screen grab from google of the sliders in CS3.



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                In your second screen shot, you are opening a PSD document in Photoshop, not a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw.


                To open Adobe Camera Raw you MUST open a raw file, not an already cooked file like a PSD.


                You can also open a JPEG or a TIFF in Camerra Raw if you have set your preferences to do so.


                A PSD can also be opened in Camera Raw, but that's a more involved process:  you have to go through File > Open, and in the lower left corner of the Open dialog box select the Camera Raw format.  You have to this everytime, you cannot open a PSD into ACR by double clicking on a thumbnail.

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                  carlcurtis83 Level 1

                  You are correct!! I've just pulled some RAW files from the camera memory card and it's loaded. My head hasn't being screwed on lately due to night shifts!! Thanks for your help it's appreciated.

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                    Glad you're up and running.