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    Merging csv file data into tables

    sanderdolstra Level 1



      I would be very grateful if anyone can help me with a solution for an issue I have with data merging in Indesign.


      We are producing a catalogue with a lot of information like prices, article numbers, product details and so on taken from a general database. From this database we export what we need to have as a .csv file. What we want to do is to merge the data fields from this file into a table with multiple data fields. See the image. So every line in the csv file has to be merged inside this table. In the future our sales department can attach new updated CSV files so we can update the tables automatically in our catalogue. Of course I've tried datamerging as it's built in Indesign CS4 but that option is for making newsletters for several persons, so that's no option.


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      Sander Dolstra