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    Cursor Disappears

    Gary Politzer Level 2

      Mac Pro running Mountain Lion & Photoshop CS5. Gotta say Mountain Lion seems to have its share of bugs. Here's one: Working away in Photoshop CS5, when I suddenly want to look at a web page, check email, etc. The cursor disappears the instant it leaves Photoshop and is invisible over the Finder, desktop, and all other apps. Only way to get it back is to Command+Tab thru the application switcher. Pathetic.

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          Please let Apple know how you feel, so they'll bump priority on the fix.

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            Curt Y Level 7
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              Gary Politzer Level 2

              Good idea, Chris. I will do this.

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                Gary Politzer Level 2

                Interesting. Thanks for the link, Curt.

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                  IPWebster Level 1

                  I talked to a very helpful Apple representive last night who claimed he had not heard this complaint yet. It might be tempting for Adobe and or Apple to blame this on Wacom, but I've recreated the problem using my mouse. If anyone else is having this issue, please contact Apple ASAP so they can get to the bottom of this problem. I have two iMacs, one running Lion, one running Mountain Lion. I have an Intous 5 running with each. The cursor is disapearing only on the iMac running Mountain Lion.

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                    Curt Y Level 7

                    IPWebster wrote:


                    I talked to a very helpful Apple representive last night who claimed he had not heard this complaint yet.

                    Apparently they do not talk to each other at Apple, and do not log in complaints.  See this post of Aug 6.



                      Aug 6, 2012 9:07 AM    in reply to Andres Matallana 


                    Update:  Contacted both Wacom and Apple. Haven't spoken to anyone at Wacom yet, but was very impressed with Apple's response. The tech called seconds after I hit the send button on the website.  Apprerently they haven't heard of the issue and had him Google the problem. Luckily my cursor disappeared as I was speaking with him.  Had me zap Pram (reboot holding Command-Option PR) and then rebooted in safe mode (holding shift) played around for a while but couldn't get the cursor to disappear.  Then booted normal and stayed on the line for a good while to see if it would happen again. We ended up disconnecting and calling back if or when it reoccurs and go from there...

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                      There is a lengthy discussion over onthe Apple forum with many (40+??) people affected


                      I had no problems before upgrading to Mountain Lion but have had problems on two machines (macbook pro and imac) since. At first I thought it was confined to when I used Adobe creative suite CS5.5 products (on my imac - i tried solving it by reinstalling Java 6 again but....no joy) but it also happens on my macbook pro with adobe cs6 products. It affects all browsers - chrome firefox safari as far as i can see, but safari a little more so than others - cursor is ok 98% of the time, but just when you don't expect it.....?? So please don't give up on this topic. One suggestion that is working at the moment for me is to reduce the size of my cursor arrow in Accessibility preferences - i use a large cursor becasue i do many screencapture tutorials of math related ideas...where a larger cursor helps. Somoen on the apple forum suggested his/her problem was fixed this way.....But I doubt it is fixed, just postponed. It seems to me that everyone is fishing for a "solution" to a random yet syatemic problem in Mountain Lion when Adobe products are installed.

                      Does the JAva issue matter? SOmehow I think so....but am not sure.