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    New! Create, distribute and collect data using a fillable PDF form

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      FormsCentral now allows you to create, distribute and collect data using fillable PDF forms. When you distribute your form as a PDF respondents will be able to:

      • Fill out and save forms offline, then submit when back online
      • Fill out the form little by little over several hours/days, then submit when completed
      • Forward the PDF form to other people to fill out different sections of the form then submit when completed
      • Keep the filled out PDF form for their records
      • Print a copy of the PDF form


      The new Page View mode in the design tab shows how the form will be laid out across pages when saved to PDF. You can access the page view mode by selecting it in the lower right corner of the UI:


      Click image to view full size


      Based on the paper size chosen (File menu -> Form Setup), page view mode will automatically break the fields up into pages.


      Click image to view full size


      You can also define your own custom page breaks within page view by clicking the new page button on the item toolbar.


      Click image to view full size


      Page breaks created in the Web View do not show up in Page View – each view has its own independent page breaks. This allows you to better optimize your form pagination based on the form type (web vs PDF)


      Once you have setup your form go to the Distribute tab to distribute the PDF form.


      Click image to view full size


      Save Submission-Enabled PDF - This will save out a fillable PDF form that contains a Submit button at the bottom of the form. Respondents can fill out the form, click submit and all of their data will appear in the response table.


      If you want to save out a fillable PDF form that does not contain a Submit button (the data will not be collected using FormsCentral) then go to the File menu and select the Save as PDF Form menu item. You will be asked if you want to collect responses or not using FormsCentral. Select "Don't Collect Responses" - this option is focused at users who just want a PDF form that can be sent around in email, filled out and then managed like a document.




      The fillable PDF forms created using FormsCentral allow Adobe Reader users to fill out the form, save the file locally and submit their data. Your respondents only need Reader or Acrobat version 8, 9 or X.


      You can also distribute both a web form and fillable PDF form at the same time - the options are not mutually exclusive. All of the submitted data from both will appear in the response table.


      PDF forms do have a couple of limitations that prevent some of the FormsCentral features from working with them. PDF forms do not support these features (click here for more info):

      • Page Skip Logic
      • Question Skip Logic
      • Redirect URLs
      • Payment Processing
      • Attachments


      This feature is part of our Basic and Plus plans.


      Please send us your feedback on this feature. Enjoy!