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    Conflicting information about files that should not be included in version control

    lillibetUK Level 1

      Hi All,


      We are using RoboHelp HTML v9 from the Tech Comms Suite v3.5.


      We are two authors who added our help project files into Perforce version control using the instructions provided on the Adobe site. All was going well until I returned from Maternity Leave. Now, we seem to be getting some file conflicts and 'strange behaviour'.


      I searched for answers and found the following submissions offering conflicting advice about the .hhp file:




      The .hhp file is one of the files causing us troubles. Should this file be under source control? What is the best way for us to remove it from source control, or would it be better for us to remove the whole project from source control and re-add it through RoboHelp once more to ensure whatever it is that happened on my return is eliminated?


      Thank you all for your help.