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    Sharepoint PDF Hyperlinks Checkout


      I have a problem. I want the option to checkout when opening a pdf document from sharepoint.

      If I open a pdf document while I am on a Sharepoint document library page, I get the "Sharepoint/office 365" menu under file (and a question if i want to check out). This is nice! This is what i want!

      But if I open the SAME file (same location and everything) from a hyperlink EG. from a email, or a hyperlink on a page, i dont get this option (and it looks like it has generated a temp file due to the filename has a incremental number in front of it).

      This is bad, i really want it to be reconized as a sharepoint file and be able to checkout...

      I hope you can help me with this problem.


      The enviroment consists off

      Server: Sharepoint 2010 server

                (the "DOCICON.XML" has this entry)

                <Mapping Key="pdf" Value="icpdf.gif" EditText="PDF Editor" OpenControl="SharePoint.OpenDocuments"/> (have also tried "OpenControl="AdobeAcrobat.OpenDocuments"/>" instead, dident change a thing)

                The Browser File Handling under the sharepoint web application in question, is set to "permissive"


      Client: Windows 7 Enterprise, 6.1 (With sp1)

                Adobe Reader XI (Version 11)

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          AmbooS Adobe Employee

          How are you opening the hyperlinks? Are you opening the hyperlinks in browser? Does a PDF open in browser? In browser, Acrobat does not recognize links that come from outside the SharePoint server web UI. An alternative way is to copy paste the link in Acrobat’s file-open dialog and Acrobat will recognize that the PDF is on SharePoint and prompt for check-out.


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            Sakres99 Level 1

            If I open Adobe Reader and open the link in "file/open" it works, (but this option is not optimal for the users)

            But if I click on the hyperlink in the browser (IE 8, X86 version), which then opens the Adobe reader program, (not displayed in browser (which don't work either)), it don't recognize it as a sharepoint file.

            It just opens it, without the Sharepoint/office 365 options as I described in my post

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              AmbooS Adobe Employee

              What is the file location shown in document properties dialog (open via ctrl+d) when you have the file open in Reader? Is it the local path or SharePoint server path? If it is a local path, we cannot identify the location of the PDF being a SharePoint hosted file until Reader knows the original URL being accessed. The browser itself downloads the PDF in the temp location and hands that over to Adobe Reader and we open the PDF in the temp location. Since it is now a local PDF, the prompt to check-out the file is not shown.

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                Sakres99 Level 1

                Yea when I open the document from the hyperlink in the browser, it is downloaded to "Temporary Internet Files".

                (and when i open it directly from the document Library page (which works), it opens is directly)

                Is there anyway to change this behavior, so it opened directly from a url? (i know this is a little outside your support area)

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                  AmbooS Adobe Employee

                  I am afraid, no.

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                    Sakres99 Level 1

                    okay :/. Well I appreciate your support in this case, Thanks and have a nice day

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                      I would also like to voice my concern with how the AdobeAcrobat.OpenDocuments handles files inconsistently.


                      Our environment is similar to the original poster.


                      If you click the Name of the document in a view of the SharePoint Library (eg. allitems.aspx) the file opens in Acrobat with the prompt to Check Out the file (the correct behaviour).


                      If you open the View Properties page of the Document and click the Name of the Document (so still within the SharePoint environment) the document open, but into a Temp directory on the Users PC - no prompt to Check Out etc.


                      This inconsistent file handling is confusing for users.


                      Worse yet if you click to open a past Version (in the "Modified" column of the "Version History" page) Adobe Reader displays the error message: "The URL you have provided could not be reached.  Please verify that the URL is correct and that the network location is reachable".  The only way to view past version is to right click on the old version and select "Open" or save target as.


                      These look like bugs to me... no apparent fix or workaround.