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    Audio turns red/has disappeared every time I re-open my project


      Everytime I re-open my project some of the audio has dissappeared and turned red. It doesn't play the audio, and when you double-click it it shows up red in the source viewer with no audio. However, if you right click 'reveal in project' it finds the audio file in the media browser (without the in and out points).


      The project is three seperate timelines/sequences which I've imported into the browser. I'm using bits of all three sequences and putting them in one new timeline.  The two other sequences which I've imported don't cause the same problem, and their audio works fine everytime I re-open hte project. It's just one of the sequences causing the problem. Meaning each time I re-open the project, I need to re-import the seqeunce and then copy and paste my audio files back onto the main/new timeline, which you can imagine is very frustrating and time consuming having to do this everytime I re-open the project.


      If anyone knows how to fix this, or what's actually going wrong please let me know! Thanks!