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    Bring back Acrobat X Suite!


      Has anyone else noticed that Adobe has quietly dropped Acrobat X Suite?


      This was actually reasonably good value - both Acrobat and Photoshop in one package.


      I think this is pretty poor - dropping this less than 18 months after release. The only thing I can find is:


      Why did Adobe discontinue Acrobat X Suite?   Adobe continually works to deliver exceptional products that meet market demand. After a detailed analysis of our product offerings and sales, Adobe decided to discontinue Acrobat X Suite as of October 15, 2012. Customers who want functionality similar to that provided in Acrobat X Suite should consider purchasing Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1 software.


      That sounds convincing. More like someone realised it was good value. The suggestion too is a bit rich - yep spend $1000 more for a new product.


      Now we are forced to pay more than double to upgrade the individual products.


      Not Happy! Very Not Happy!

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat X Suite was always a strange bundle - Photoshop wasn't the natural choice of companion product. The arrival of Creative Cloud also changed things dramatically; customers who previously purchased Acrobat Suite to get hold of things like Media Encoder are far more likely to go with CC as it gives them instant access to Acrobat XI Pro as well as a number of other products (Flash, Bridge, Illustrator, InDesign) which weren't part of Acrobat Suite.


          eLearning Suite 6 is a different offering, it's aimed at people whose primary job is the creation of courseware, mainly for deployment on learning management systems (Moodle, Connect Server, etc.). As such it contains two specialist products from outside the CC family, Presenter and Captivate. It's also available as a subscription, though it's separate from CC.

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            SeCepix Level 1

            It was a natural choice for my needs - and in fact I suspect a lot of market research went into creating the bundle in the first place.


            I agree eLearning Suite 6 is a different offering at a different audience – so it’s a bit disingenuous to suggest it as an alternative.