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    MSO question


      Hi there,


      I've got a question concerning MSO's. I'm a big fan of these and would like to ask some questions:



      I'm currently working on an assignment and the goal is to create 4 buttons that link to: a still image, another still image, a video, and a slideshow.

      When one pops up, the other has to close or fade away. All the images and videos are the same size and appear in exactly the same place.


      I already figured this out: make a MSO, make 4 button and link every button to the state you want it to activate.


      Well, I tried making a MSO of the grouped elements. That went fine for the still image + video + still image.

      But it didn't work anymore when I tried to add the slideshow to the MSO.


      Is it even possible to add a slideshow (which basically is a MSO) to another MSO?


      And if it works, how can I do this.



      is it possible to add a hotspot to a slide show? So it pops up and the pictures get bigger for example?


      Thanks in advance I already appreciate your help and thinking.


      Take care and have a great day,



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You cannot embed an MSO into another MSO. This is not a DPS issue, it’s an InDesign limitation.




          As for your last question, just make more states in the MSO. I’ve had to create MSOs that had close to 30 states to do things like that.





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            tim.hughes Level 2

            Hey Kevin!


            As Bob said, you can't put an MSO in an MSO unfortunately


            But you could get around this;


            So you have


            One still Image

            One Video

            A Slideshow of images (let's say 4)


            So we align everything and make ONE multistate containing every item,




            State 1 = Still Image

            State 2 = Video

            State 3 = Slidshow Image 1

            State 4 = Slideshow Image 2

            State 5 = Slideshow Image 3

            State 6 = Slideshow Image 4

            State 7 = Slideshow Image 5


            That's where the buttons come in.


            You can use buttons within multistates, but this is a long winded process and takes some figuring out!


            Basically, add extra buttons to certain slides to navigate around the ones you don't want to be visible


            Sounds complicated, but in practice it's just fiddly!


            So you could have;


            A button that takes you to the image (Action: GO TO STATE 1)

            A button that takes you to the video (Action: GO TO STATE 2)

            A button that takes you to the first image in your slideshow (Action: GO TO STATE 3)


            then 2 sperate Buttons per slide in the "Image Slideshow";

            -One that takes you to the next image in the slideshow (Action: GO TO NEXT STATE)

            -One that takes you to the previous image in the slideshow (Action: GO TO PREVIOUS STATE)




            On the first image of your "Slideshow" (STATE 3) you must not have a GO TO PREVIOUS STATE button, or you would fall out of the "Slideshow"

            On the last images of your "Slideshow" (STATE 7) you must not have a GO TO NEXT STATE button, or again, you will fall out of the "Slideshow"


            Hopefully that helps?


            It's tricky to explain, so try it - and if you get stuck feel free to message me



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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As Bob said, you can't put an MSO in an MSO unfortunately


              @Tiim.hughes – theoretically and technically you can (by scripting). But this is not offically supported by Adobe (though the scripting language, also by Adobe, does not forbit it).


              You're on your own, if something does not work as expected! More precise: don't expect that the buttons work in nested MSOs as you wish.


              See the following discussion:


              But remember: it's just experimental! You do it on your own risk…



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                tim.hughes Level 2

                Yah! I was going to mention that post!


                Really interesting stuff, kinda link inception - How far in will you go!


                Thanks for the extra stuff Uwe!

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                  KevinHensels Level 1

                  Thwta will definitely help Tim!





                  Though  assignment though. Now I've been asked to play the video full screen... and it has to sit in the multistate. oh dear

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                    tim.hughes Level 2

                    I'm pretty sure that if you select "auto play" and "play full screen" when you embed the video

                    it will do both things when the state becomes initiated, and then will close when the video is done playing


                    Let us know how it works out!!!

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                      KevinHensels Level 1

                      Worked like a charm!


                      THANK YOU!


                      Last problem is the images/photos that should pop in full screen.

                      But I'll try and figure that out.


                      Thanks for th ehelp everyone! Appreciate  it !!

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                        KevinHensels Level 1

                        Well everything I wanted to do seems to work. Which is already awesome.


                        BUT... when I make the states and I copy all of them "in place" the following happens:

                        - I select all states

                        - I allign them

                        - I make an MSO

                        - I give functions to the buttons


                        and this where something weird happens. One state looks fine when switch between states in states panel. But when viewed on the Ipad, there's one state that seems to have shifted 3mm to the right.


                        Very weird...