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    Liquid Layout does not work with extreme long pages

    f3 publishing

      (Solution at the end)


      Hi there.


      I have a layout for iPad with a width of 1024 and variable height.

      I now need an alternative layout for iPad HD. So I try to use liquid layout to alternate my layout to 2048 width and height x 2.


      The maximum size in InDesign is 15552px. So I managed to get all my SD layouts below 7776px.

      to sum things up:


      iPad SD: 1024x7776

      transform into

      iPad HD: 2048x15552


      Problem is, in this case the option to scale everything automatically gets completely ignored.


      Another layout, which uses only text and no images, boxes or multimedia gets transformed correctly.


      Does anybody have a tip for me how I can work around it?


      Thanks in advance.




      p.s.: Adobe, please increase the maximum sizes for documents




      Aaaand I just got it. Specify a new preset for your document-sizes: 2048x15552. Now if you use the page tool just click the new (in my case) "iPad HD" and choose liquid layout: scale.


      Works like a charm