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    Configuration Binding issues


      Hi All,



      I am creating a service, and supplying some default values for the configuration via properties. but when i am deploying the code - the configuration itself indicates unbound, until i save it and any changes i create a lost when i redeploy the bundle.


      @Component(name = MyService.PROCESS_PID, description = "Custom Service", label = "Custom Service", metatype = true, configurationFactory = false, immediate = true)



                          @Property(name = "service.pid", value = MyService.PROCESS_PID),

                          @Property(name = "service.description", value = "Custom Service"),

                          @Property(name = MyService.PATHS, description = "Please add paths", label = "paths", value = "/content,/etc", cardinality = 10),

                          @Property(name = "service.vendor", value = "Adobe") })



      public void activate(ComponentContext componentContext) {

                          log.info("Entering activate method.");


                          Dictionary properties = componentContext.getProperties();


                          this.paths = MyUtil.convertToStringArray(properties




                          log.info("Exiting activate method.");




      I also see the activate method getting called, but i still see this issue


      What am i missing here, Thanks in Advance