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    Why can i see the Flash animation that I have embedded in a Director movie only on some computers?

    theFutureState Level 1

      The SWF file is linked and plays on my computer and on one of the intended computers but not the others even though they are similarly configured (my computer is completely different and I also have the entire Adobe Master Suite along with Director the other machines essentially just have M$ Office). The Director movie has a SWF with the following asset properties:



      Media: Linked, Yes; Preload, Yes

      Playback: Image, Yes; Paused/Sound/Loop/Direct to Stage, all No

      Quality: High

      Scale Mode: Auto-Size

      Rate: Normal

      Scale: 100%


      The SWF file is located in the same folder as the projector.


      I'm using Director 11.5. The end users are on several corporate laptops that are all configured the same to begin with. They are all running Windows XP and of course do not have Director installed on them. I know the file works as it is intended to on the one computer but the rest all fail in a similar way (not including mine obviously which works fine). This to me says that it was published and created correctly but something is missing or setup wrong on those computers which is keeping it from displaying properly.


      Here's the part that is really killing me, I had some extra time one day and sat down for several hours trying different things (installing Flash players, Shockwave players, basically taking shots in the dark with the thought that the computers were missing some plugin, etc) trying to get it to run appropriately and... I figured it out!! Unfortunately I didn't have the time or permissions to repeat the process on the other laptops and now (7-8 weeks later) I can't figure out what I did to make the first one work. I know it's possible and I know it works on that laptop, but when I try using the exact same files/folder on the other laptops it gets to the frame where the animation is supposed to play and it just shows a little repeating elipses (...) animation in the corner. At first I took this to mean it was loading so I waited and waited but it never loads anything. The laptop that works shows the animation immediately and perfectly.