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    Style Guide for Online PDF Reference Material?


      Hello - We're converting all our paper-based guides to PDFs.  We used to have a style guide and template for our paper-based guides to make the look and feel consistent and user-friendly, but it was designed  based on using paper guides and used information mapping (use of lines to separate text,indicators that to turn pages for more information, footers/page numbers, portrait).  We realize that this might not be the best options for paper-based guides, we might want to go landscape so it fits a computer screen better, use white space differently, etc.  But I'm not sure where to begin, is there some sort of style guide or standards for making reference materials PDFs for online viewing?  Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          In terms of visual page design I don't know of anything, but you should of course ensure the files are accessible to screen readers etc. and Acrobat has tools to verify compliance with the various standards (e.g. s508).


          Although a landscape page format seems the logical choice for screen display it may not be. With the increased use of smaller-screen devices many users view PDF pages in "fit width" mode, and you can zoom in closer to a portrait page like that.

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