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    "edit together"

    kylenorthway Level 1

      "edit together" works fine for all states of text on a simple navigation menu, but it is not working on a roll-over fills for the cell box. Is it suppose to?


      I can globally change each state for text with the "edit together" checked just fine.


      I would like the cell to change color (not the text cell -- that also works) roll-over to change color.


      Is this not a feature?

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          jgrummel Adobe Employee

          What widget are you trying to use? Can you provide screenshots? I'm using the horizontal menu widgets, and when I select the rollover state and change the fill color, it changes the fill color of that state for all other menu items.


          Is this not the same for you?



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            kylenorthway Level 1

            Thanks for your input. We just got off the phone with adobe and they confirmed layer PSD files given a "state" are not able to be given an "alt tag or title".


            Kyle Northway


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              Zak Williamson (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Using different images for the States of an object is achieved using background images. Background images in HTML are considered decoration rather than content, so there's no provision in HTML to put title or alt text attributes on background images. However, you can in many cases select the item the background image is applied to and set the "title" attribute via the Hyperlinks panel. In this case you're setting the title of the selected object and not the title of the background image, but in most cases it serves the same purpose. Unfortunately there's no way to set alt text on an arbitrary object. In cases where it's critical to have text for accessibility or SEO, it's sometimes appropriate to use a text frame with 1% opaque text and set the background image(s) on the text frame.

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                kylenorthway Level 1



                This is confusing!


                My brother wrote on April 6th about a different issue and . . . .Zak replied correctly for that issue, which we found out through tech support.


                BACK TO THE ORIGINAL QUESTION AND YOUR REPLY:  Per your peply, the widget I am using is MENU / HORIZONTAL.


                Let me try to clarify: The menu widget has three componets that you click through

                1. the whole nav bar

                2. the cell the text cell is in

                3. the tyext cell -- and of course the text.


                It is that second click that I am talking about. That cell I want to give a color. I can give it a color, but the color is not applied to the other cells at the same level even though the Edit Together is checked.


                Now if I bring in a fresh horizontal widget it works. But why the original one does not fill I cannot figure out. I can send you a screen campture if you like so you can see that the settings are the same.


                I cannot repeat the problem, but the nav bar seems to work fine.


                I am just now learning Muse so I do not know what I am doing. Here is my practice site with the original nav bar:



                I could start over, but would like to know if I did something that has caused the Edit Together feature to stop working.


                Any thoughts?

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                  jgrummel Adobe Employee


                  Are you talking about the nav bar in the footer?

                  It sounds like it might just be a bug. If you cannot repeat the problem, and it works when you add a new nav-bar... it's probably just a bug in the program. Recreating the nav-bar should fix the issue. I'm sorry for the inconvenience...


                  You should report the bug in this forum!




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                    Joe@BRS Level 1


                    I have a related problem.

                    Adobe Muse Classroom in a book, p71

                    Edit the appearance of the menu bar

                    Design:Menu (no states)

                    A-Master selected

                    1.          View = Fit Page in Window;

                    2.          extend menu to the right to 720px

                    3.          Window= Transform; change height to 38

                    4.          Select fill in the control panel

                    5.          Select Solid; select "any red color"….

                    Problem: the menu bar does not fill with color

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                      Anshul.sharma Adobe Employee

                      Hi Joe,


                      Please take a look to this short video to implement this : http://projectuni01.businesscatalyst.com/screenshots/2012-10-30_0014.swf


                      Please let me know if that helps



                      Anshul Sharma

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                        Joe@BRS Level 1

                        Yes, that worked. However, after trying out the Gradiant, the Book says to change the color (of the menu bar) back to none. Again, I had to select each box ('Menu item'), but when I selected color none, the color reverted to white and the text dissapeared. Specifically, the text was not in the Text Frames. When I select the color again the text returns to the Text Frames.

                        How do I correct that  problem: remove the color from the menu bar but not erase the content in the Text Frames?

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                          Zak Williamson (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                          It may help if I explain the structure of a menu in Design view. If you click once, that selects the menu widget. At that point the Control Strip should say "Menu" at the far left. If you click again that selects a menu item and the Control Strip should say "Menu Item". If you click again on the text in a menu item that selects the menu item label text frame and the Control Strip should say "Label".



                             Menu Item



                          Each of these items can be be selected and formatted, but the Label is on top of the Menu Item and the Menu Items are on top of the Menu widget. Therefore if the menu items have a solid fill color and there's no padding or gutter values set in the Spacing panel, then the fills from the menu items will completely obscure whatever fill the menu widget might have.

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                            Joe@BRS Level 1

                            I managed to delete this comment

                            http://forums.adobe.com/message/4811626#4811626 (how clever was that!)

                            Maybe you can find it.

                            The problem is that I can not fill the Menu Widget with color.  Anshul said to select the Menu item.  Zak (and Adobe Muse Classroom in a Book) seemed to instruct that the Menu(widget) could and should be filled with color. I found later that trying to place the menu on top to of an image container (top-nav.png) did not result in the menu bar taking the color of 'top-nav'. I must be missing something in the settings of the menu bar.

                            This what the Menu looks like after my attempt to insert color