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    CS6 Premiere Pro Won't Start


      I have CS6 Premiere Pro that will not finish loading when I start it. I get a message that says it can't find any capable video play modules, and that I should update my video driver. My driver is up to date, and the video card is a GeForce GTX560Ti. Does the error message mean that my video card isn't compatible? That would really suck as I just bought the card in August.





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          EditorPete Level 1

          Here are the supported cards.




          Your's doesn't seem to be one of them....but there are some people that have had succes jailbreaking non supported cards....not promoting this method, just giving info.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Pretty much any card will work with Premiere Pro.  That list only pertains to GPU acceleration, not general performance.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              but there are some people that have had succes jailbreaking non supported cards


              Some..., well 74 in our benchmark only with the GTX 560 card, over 200+ with other cards that don't carry the 'supported' tag so the word 'some' does not reflect reality and the term jailbreaking is not applicable here, or at least way overdone. And the list you linked to is outdated and does not reflect reality.


              Do you really think that at least 25% of all the users, including those who have non-MPE cards in the benchmark is only 'some'?

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                BrianHeifner Level 1

                Now I've discovered that 3D functionality isn't working (no matter what I do the menu selections are greyed out) in Photoshop. My card is not a supported card for Photoshop.


                Harm, can I run the GTX560 with one of the other NVIDEA cards that is approved? If so, do you have a recommendation on a good card?




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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  Your GTX 560 card is a great card and if at least 74 prople (in our benchmark) are using it with great success, there should be nothing to prevent you from using it with the same success. Well, unless the card is defective, but those chances are slim.


                  You need to apply the 'hack', which is nothing more than a simple text modification to the 'cuda_supported_cards.txt' file in your Premiere Pro directory. You may have to look up the name in GPUSniffer.exe to find the exact name you have to enter into this text file, but my guess is that if you change the line that now reads 'GeForce GTX 570' into 'GeForce GTX 560', you are done. If not, look up the 'hack' here on the forum. The same approach is required for AE, but there the file is called 'raytracer_supported_cards.txt'. Remember that you have to repeat these adjustments after every update of the program.


                  Why someone would call this 'jailbreaking' is beyond me. Simply changing a number 7 into a 6 in a text file is not exactly what I would call 'jailbreaking'.

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                    EditorPete Level 1

                    So calling it a hack is better? Geeze Harm, I didn't realize we were so touchy over a term, that basically means the same thing.....From wikipedia:


                    Jailbreaking is a form of privilege escalation, and the term has been applied to privilege escalation on other computer systems as well.


                    About my link. A simple google search brings up this CS6 link.....why don't you give us all a better one if you can, instead of giving me a hard time.


                    Brian, sorry if I didn't use the correct termanology, but was hoping you got the idea.

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                      EditorPete Level 1

                      Jim is correct, I didn't mean or explain that. I'm sorry.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7



                        Jailbreaking is a term mostly associated with modifying the boot ROM of a phone, like an iPhone that allows one to install stolen apps for free where these are normally paid versions only. It is not legal to do so, but it happens, sometimes even on a large scale. The intent of jailbreaking is software piracy.


                        Adobe on the other hand has intentionally left the possibility open to modify a simple text file that gives additional functionality, not the illegal use of paid software, but for two simple reasons:


                        1. They do not have the resources to test each and every video card, so that saves time and costs, and

                        2. They don't have to spend money on support for video cards not on the supported list.


                        In this way they profit from an even wider client base that use the 'hack', so more copies of PR or a suite sold and less time and cost for support. A simple business decision IMO. Nothing illegal about it and I think one very much liked, even endorsed by Adobe internally.


                        Jailbreaking has a negative and illegal connotation for me and that is why objected to the use of that word.

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                          BrianHeifner Level 1

                          Tried the  "hack" with no luck. Got in touch with a very good guy from Adobe who was in New Dehli - best Customer Support person I have ever had actually. In Windows he changed it so that I would run PP in Admin mode, and something else I didn't see, but I think it had to do with permissions. Rebooted and all is well.


                          STILL on hold for my Photoshop 3D issue....


                          Thanks for the help all!

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                            RockstarBruski Level 1

                            Harm and Brian,


                            Thanks for posting this thread and answers.  i had the same problem on one of my desktops and was going nuts trying to figure out the solution!


                            It turned out for me that I had to do a combination of the answers.

                            1.  I had to run PPCS6 as administrator (just right click the shortcut and run as admin or change the properties for the shortcut to run as admin)

                            2. I had to put my video card in the 'cuda_supported_cards.txt' file such as Geforce GTX 650


                            While doing #1 above made CS6 run only when I did #2 as well did it run under the video card hardware accelleration instead of the software accelleration.


                            Thanks again guys!   I'm a happy camper tonight!!!!!!!!   Bruce.