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    App for Music and Sound


      Hello Guys,

      Can you help me for a mobile application for iPhone and Android x Freemium version

      or a limited free and a free charge?


      The application is dedicated to the world of sounds, in practice it is a player of noise,

      sounds, etc. divided by categories, requirements are as follows:


      1) Being able to manage web interface loading sounds and categorization,

      only one level of categories (Environment, Animals, Cars, etc.).

      2) Being able to charge for each category an unlimited number of sounds in mp3 Max 20sec

      3) For each sound can load the mp3 and a representative image square.


      In this first part I think I can manage to activate a domain with a file manager in php

      I can then expose the xml or that can serve the mobile application.


      For the application as I said I need to have it in mode Freemium,

      where the free version for each category can be unlocked 5 sounds,

      in the paid version sounds for each category will be endless.


      Should reallizzata both in Italian and in English or at least that is localized on the basis of these two languages.



      How can I begin to tackle this project?