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    Fixing Footage Shot with wrong filter on Sony F900, color correction, underexposed film


      Hello everyone...


      I am new to the forums but have been with Adobe since CS3.  I love Premier Pro and have fully abandones FCP 2-3 years ago for the first CS5.  I was out shooting a SONY F900, which i am not used to (as I work primarily with small format and dslr workflows) and I made the TOTAL ROOKIE MISTAKE of shooting on the 1A rollable filter setting... rather than the 1B which is for indoor tungsten.   I didn't have a monitor with me or available, so through the BW view finder... i had no idea it was wrong.  The result is that I lost a stop and a half in an already lowlight setting... and the minus blue filter of the 1A (or daylight / 56K) setting removed color depth and turned every thing kind of washed out orange. 


      I am confident that i can bring it back to acceptable through color correction and i have been training on Speed grade tutorials like crazy.  I am proficient in Premier and After Effects workflows but have never dealt directly with this. 


      Any help of steps to take in general would be appreciated and I thank you in advance for your help.