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    new user elements 11


      I have just started using PE 11 and have found there is only a basic theme in photo collage, are there others available to download? my product is activated etc. it isn't a trial version.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          PSE has moved away from the whole 'theme' idea pretty much. You have a couple of options:


          1. Start with the basic theme, then once you're in the main create window, choose a different layout.


          2. Don't use create at all. In PSE 11, everything you can do in create you can do in Expert mode, too. So just make a blank document the size you want, then call up the Graphics panel and choose a background and add your own frames, graphics, etc.

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            bloxwich62 Level 1

            Thanks Barbara your response is much appreciated. I will go with your second suggestion, I had someone at work show me this and it was much more responsive and versatile. The collage theme used in create was restrictive and didnt accept the edits we were trying to make. What I am aiming for in a collage will work really well with your second suggestion. Thanks again