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    Mathematical Pi & Unicode

    minopret Level 1

      What Unicode code points are covered by the font Mathematical Pi? Would you help answer http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13188587 as to how to map its customary codes like H11001 to Unicode like U+002B? -- minopret

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          MiguelSousa Adobe Employee

          I could be wrong, but I don't think there's an official correspondence table.


          Using the six Type 1 fonts and the OpenType font that was made out of them, I've assembled two PDFs which show all the glyphs. Next to them are the glyph names (for the Type 1 fonts) and the Unicode value(s) (for the OpenType font). If you cross reference these two PDFs, you should be able to assemble the correlation list you're looking for.


          Mathematical Pi


          Hope this helps.