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    How can I deactivate my Adobe software?

    Michael Salinero Employee Moderator

      If you are removing Creative Suite software from you computer and installing it on another computer, you'll need to deactivate the software. Remember that you must first deactivate your software before you uninstall it on one computer and install it on another. Unistalling does not deactivate your Adobe software automatically.


      Note: Lightroom does not have an activate/deactivate option.


      To deactivate the software from your computer:


      1. Make sure the computer that has the software installed is connected to the Internet.
      2. Choose Help > Deactivate in the product you wish to deactivate.  If you have a suite then choosing one of the products will Deactivate the entire sute.
      3. Select Deactivate Permanently


      For troubleshooting information related to Adobe activation and deactivation, see Activation, Deactivation | Adobe Products.


      This document contains information on common questions related to activation and deactivation such as:


      - Uninstalled the software without deactivating it.

      - No access to previous computer : Lost, Stolen, and crashed computers.

      - Deactivation option is disabled.

      - Options to contact Customer support. The page is Chat enabled. You will be able to chat with a person as soon as a tech support person is available.

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