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    Save selection as...

    Arni Arent

      I use Photoshop to design interfaces and then cut down the graphics, by using the rectangular marquee tool and selecting the area that I want to save, copy-merged and then paste into a new document, of the correct canvas size according to the selection area, and then save for web..


      This is horrendous.


      I end up with dozens of open windows all "Untitled" something, unsaved.


      All I want is being able to select   an area in my document using the marquee tool and then select from File a save function like "Save selection for web and devices...".



      Perhapse this option could be in the "Save for web and devices.." dialog, where you could select from a dropdown the following:

      "Entire document" (default)

      "The entire selected area"

      "Trimmed down selected area"