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    Adobe -- Turn off Missing Frames warning!

    nicknameforme Level 1

      If you generate frames one at time (i.e. 3d rendering) -- you might have missing frames in your sequences used in After Effects. Beware because CS6 makes this a massive headache. If someone knows a workaround besides a huge time-waster that is creating dummy filler frames, please let me know.  Please submit a bug report to Adobe because this missing frames warning is a massive frustration...  Feel free to copy/paste from below.



      Concise problem statement:

      The missing frames warning indicator IS HORRIBLE.  It is intrusive, unnecessary and inefficient.


      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1.  I Have loaded a series of sequential frames.  They are coming from a 3d renderer so sometimes frames are missing and are filling in gradually.

      2. Add the sequential frames to a composition

      3. Scrub the playhead in the composition. 


      Results:  Each time I touch the scrub bar, I get a warning "After Effects warning: The sequence has 335 missing frames."  Next time I touch the scrub bar "The sequence has 334 missing frames"


      Expected results:  Pre CS6 -- The missing frames warning used to come up ONCE when reloading or loading footage... NOT EVERY time I touched the scrub bar.  It is SO annoying.  Make it work the way it used to in CS5.  This current implementation is absolutely horrendous.  It is completely useless and a huge waste of time for people who generate individual frames (i.e. 3d animators -- many of whom use After Effects)