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    Problem with interactive PDF hidden buttons

    soulglowdeej Level 1



      I've got what I see as really simple problem with button in an interactive PDF.


      I'm simply wanting to hide and reveal buttons as they're clicked - bringing each to the front.


      I've managed this many times before but trying this in CS6 gives me a huge issue - I've been going at it for 3 hours changing lots of things and it's finally a head hitting the desk moment.


      I've done this very simple test file >> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93475550/three%20colours.zip << showing three coloured circles overlaying each other. I simply want whichever is clicked to come to the front.


      In the preview it works fine, however exporting to interactive PDF makes the buttons not operate correctly.


      Any ideas?


      Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 20.15.22.png


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Two things you may not be aware of: (1) In interactive PDF, buttons are always on top of the layout (think of a separate layer) so it generally doesn't work to expect the layering you're expecting. (2) The preview you're probably talking about is how called the SWF Preview panel. It's using a totally different kind of output—SWF (Flash) to create the preview. But SWF files handle many things in a totally different way then interactive PDF.

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            soulglowdeej Level 1

            Thanks for your reply Steve (and nice articles on InDesign secrets btw).

            Unfortunately I am aware of those two 'rules' but that doesn't help in this case. The file I've supplied only has the buttons in it and the layering can be sorted if that messes up on export. It's as if the actions of the buttons are also getting switched.

            I've had this type of thing working so many times in the past, I can't begin to count, and I've also got it working with 11 buttons on the same document...it seems to be when there's only three, a gremlin comes in.

            Does anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong or what is wrong, I'm struggling...

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              soulglowdeej Level 1

              Anyone?? Please help if you've got the time, it might be something simple I've missed or maybe it's a bug that needs reporting. Either way I'd REALLY appreciate any help, it's proving a big issue from such a small thing.

              Thanks people of the adobe forums :-)