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    Lr4 Available Lens Correction Profiles


      Hi, I recently purchased LR4 - 4.2 (as a download) and installed in onto my PC, running Windows 7, 64bit. I cannot get the "Lens Corrections" tool, to work correctly. When editing images, the lens correction tool, only displays a small sample size (like 4 or 6 lenses approx.), of lenses to choose from, however (only once) it displayed a complete lists of lenses to suit my Nikon D800E, including the lens profile I required at the time, being the Zeiss 50mm f1.4, so I am aware that Lr4 is capable of facilitating my lens profile requirements. I have previously seen a comprehensive list displayed within Lr4, but it had disappeared? I am unable to solve this issue myself-sorry. This is frustrating, can you please help me rectify this issue. In the mean time, I have resorted to using the ePaperPress product, PT Lens-which has helped me immensely.. Thank you.