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    CS6 licencing

    Bernie at Clarity Level 1

      Before I post a feature request, has this question come up before?


      I would like to see a split or sub-licence feature to enable Prelude to be installed on a field computer (i.e. laptop), while the rest of the suite can stay on my main editing machine.


      I've found OnLocation valuable in the past as a tool for, well, what it was designed for . I attach the camera via firewire to the laptop, and I can see the vectorscope and other scopes, audio levels, and capture footage straight to the laptop hard drive. This has worked for me because I got a complimentary copy of CS4 with my CS5.5 suite, as an aid in transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit, and it works really well for me.


      I would like to have an all 64-bit setup eventually, i.e. 64-bit Win 7 laptop for the field work, and 64-bit win 7 desktop for editing. It would be REALLY helpful to licence Prelude on the laptop, and everything else on the desktop. I don't use Prelude on the desktop, because all of the tools I need are available in PPro.