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    Sending a file from Vegas to PPcs6 to use neat video

    grandpooba2 Level 1

      I hope this doesn't sound to crazy but the folks on the vegas forum couldn't help. I stopped using vegas pro 12 but my other editor just finished a wedding that was edited on vegas (our last one on vegas) and here lies the rub.

      We have Premier cs6 with neat video installed. I need to apply neat video ( only licensed for PPcs6) to a few clips that have been edited in vegas 12.

      I tried the export function in vegas and it left a few things out when it showed up in ppcs6 so that doesn't seem to work well. I was thinking about taking each clip and send them over to ppcs6 unedited and was wondering if they would come back to vegas with the effect on the timeline as they are cut up now. If the effect would be added to the files if rendered back out to vegas?

      Any ideas appreciated beyond this would be excellent.

      Thank you. Lovin the transfer to Adobe!