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    Photoshop/Bridge Question

    allisonplatt79 Level 1

      I notice that when I double click on a photo in the new version of Bridge, it is not automatically opened in Photoshop. How can I make PS the default processor?  -Allison

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          dhosford Employee Moderator

          Hi there,


            You can change what application a specific file type opens in through Bridge in the Preferences panel. To open the Preferences panel in Bridge, click CTRL + K on a PC or Command + K on a Mac.


            In the Preferences panel, choose "File Type Associations"




          Then, choose the dropdown next to your filetype that you're having trouble with. In this example I used JPEG. Then, choose the program (Photoshop) that you would like the file to open in.




          Then hit "Ok" and close and reopen Bridge.


          I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any further clarification!

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            kendallplant Adobe Employee

            Hi Allison - you’ve posted your question in a forum that is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop.  I'm moving your question to the General Bridge Discussion forum for specialized attention to your situation.

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              Yammer Level 4

              The other answers are correct. However, depending on the image type (JPEG/TIFF, Raw, JPEG/TIFF with Settings) you might also need to check a preference 'Double-click edits Camera Raw settings in Bridge' in the General preferences tab.

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                Yammer P, I am struggling with a similar issue.  When I open raw images from bridge camera raw automatically opens & edits my images to a default.  I do not want this to happen as I do these basic edits in Lightroom.  I use photoshop for skin smoothing etc.  Do you know how to stop camera raw from auto editing images?  Thank you for your time!  I do not have a lot of experience here. 

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                  allisonplatt79 Level 1

                  It did answer the question, thank you.  I read various information on your

                  web site, but nothing I could find told me how to do this, so it was very


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                    Omke Oudeman Level 5

                    I do not want this to happen as I do these basic edits in Lightroom.



                    In Lightroom you can export the file (even set this in the prefs to open in Adobe PS) as PSD file. Export them to a dedicated folder and point Bridge to this folder. Now you can handle the files in Bridge and opening them in PS to make further adjustments.


                    LR and PS have the same ACR engine but a bit different approach and therefor use their own settings. Export as PSD solves this issue for you. Or you could get used to the basic edits in ACR conversion using PS and Bridge