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    Agate Lines would it be useful in Illustrator

    Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

      I was thinking that since more and more usiers seem to prepare work for newspaer ads with Illustrator would it be useful to be able to work in Agate Lines since the space is still often used.


      Or does one simply bring the work into ID where they have support for Agate Lines.

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          Steve Fairbairn Level 5

          Maybe you should enlarge on this

          I, for one, have never heard of Agate Lines.


          My experience tells me, opposite to what you say, that fewer and fewer people (at least in Europe) use Illie for press ads and such.

          The trend is towards InDesign and thence pdf. I remember Monika saying something along those lines too.


          The reason is that newspapers and many other printing companies prefer to make their own colour separations.

          Working with InDesign allows for placed images in RGB.

          All the designer has to do is to embed the correct colour profile when exporting to pdf, the rest is automatic.

          Saves a lot of hassle and mistakes, especially where inexperienced designers are involved.