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    Accordion Menu to display image


      Hey guys,


      I am in desperate need of some knowledgeable direction. Many thanks  up front for any help!!!!!


      Situation: I am designing my company's resume page: 3 or 4 names within 6 different departments in an accordion menu.


      Currently: I have a two level accordion menu on the left (department and then names within the department.) and a anchored DIV tag on the right.


      Goal: When the user clicks on "Bob Example" text link in the "Engineering" department tab (accordion menu), I would like for it to open a picture of "Bob Example" on the right hand side.


      Problem: I've named the anchor DIV tag, "biopic" and targeted the link the same name, however, when I click on the "Bob Example" text link - it opens the picture in a separate window. I have played around with targeting so much my brain is now mush.


      Can anybody shed some light on why the "Bob Example" pic won't open on the right hand side?