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    Program crashes whenever I save. CS4 Version. Please Help.


      Okay, so the detials is whenever I try to save a file (even if I start a new file), the program only saves a portion of it.... as a pdf (so there is no layers and not a true illustrator.ai document) and it will sometimes crash on me.
      I also have a hard time opening (existing) files up. I double click on them... I left click, use the "open with..." option... the best option is to use the file-->open file, but that only works half the time.

      I tried uninstalling/re-installing Illustrator, and that doesn't work...
      Adobe refuses to help me since I don't have the latest version: CS6....  -. __-.

      If you know anything that may help, please let me know.

      Thank you.


      (also using a MAC two btw... if that helps...)