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    swf to html 5 converter


      I am getting errors after installing html 5 converter from adobe labs. After ignored the errors was able to browse and load a flas captivate presentation. When clicked Convert it gave me another error and aborted the conversion. Erros is referring to missing DumpUtils.exe file. How do I get this missing file to be able to convert my flash files creted by captivate to html 5?

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          kayumarz Level 1

          Hi, I not an expert with this converter so I can't say much.  Since there are no replies yet, thought I'd offer a slightly off-topic solution with which I can help.


          If you are converting non-interactive flash content to HTML5, you could try Flabaco - http://www.flash-banner-converter.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-convert-flash-to-video/


          It offers a different type of solution from Adobe or Google but basically it converts your Flash content so that it can be displayed using HTML 5.  The converted content will play on devices which do not support flash.


          Flabaco converts Swf files to video. The generated video is compatible with popular HTML5 devices and browsers.  Once the video is converted, you can use the the HTML5 <video> tag to embed it into a website.


          This is a Free, online converter - so there's no need to install anything on your computer.


          If this solution is useful to you, I can help you convert your Flash content.



          Flabaco (Flash Banner Converter)

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            Johnsmith105 Level 1

            hey, NHCC

            i use this tool to convert swf  to html5, and The conversion files could play on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Apple iOS devices and Android mobile devices, Blackberry.

            swf to html5 movie maker-http://www.html5-movie-maker.com/flash-swf-to-video-converter/