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    MXF issues on CS6 (Premiere and Media Encoder)

    Kostas Arvanitidis Level 1

      Hello all,

      In our station workflow we use Sony XDCAM (DV25). Until last week we were running PPro CS5 without any problems with the MXF files. Since the upgrade (skipped 5.5) we have serious issues with this wrapper. Importing takes ages, espescially on large files (>0.5Gb). And I'm not talking about conforming or indexing... I'm talking about the import stage. The edit suite freezes until the file is imported. And we have 5 editing suites and all with the same issue. The same happens if we drag/drop a MXF file in Media Encoder. It takes about 10mins from the 'drop' file until we're able to change encoding settings.

      The second serious issue is that the MXF file sometimes (randomly) during editing looses it's audio. A program restart sometimes restores the audio, sometimes doesn't.

      The QT32server service is running more than one instance (in CS5 there was only one instance no matter how many CS apps were running). If I terminate these instances the pc runs smoothly.

      All CS6 apps are fully updated.

      Any ideas?